50% of Americans are unsure of the news sources on social media

50% of Americans are unsure of the news sources on social media

Facebook is a favorite source of news in the United States of America, but an opinion the poll showed that nearly half are unsure whether the social media network is preparing its reports or not, as it was revealed in the Pew Research Center that 6% of those surveyed had killed Facebook "does its reporting," while 42 percent said the opposite.

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And according to the British "Daily Mail" website, a poll was conducted on more than 2,000 Americans to study the situation,

Separate research from German Marshal Fund Digital also published this year that social media "likes", comments, and article sharing usually publish misleading news content, and that disinformation tripled from 2016 to 2020 - making the results of this research worrying.

Facebook launched a "Facebook News" section on its platform, which aims to provide "reliable and appropriate media content" in the hope of combating misinformation, but because the new feature will attract more visits to the platform, which will lead to an increase in Facebook ad revenue.

Australia and the United Kingdom company may soon force Facebook to pay publishers to use their content.

Both countries issued two announcements, saying that new laws could go into effect in the coming days, and could force Facebook to adopt new protocols in how news is published on its platform.



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