Feel Good season 2 Coming Soon

Netflix announced the series Feel Good, for a second season, to be the last of the series. The first season was a joint production with Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, but the second season will be exclusive to Netflix, according to the report published on the site "tv series finale".

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Created and written by Canadian comedian May Martin and Joe Hampson, the series revolves around a recovering addict and comedian May, who tries to control the addictive behaviors and intense romance that permeate all aspects of her life, and life is complicated by a new and ongoing relationship with her new boyfriend, George.

As it turns out in Season 2, the love story will continue as May struggles with her past and George tries to make her present.

Martin, Richie, Lisa Kudrow, Philip Burgers, and Adrian Lockes will return for the second season, and Anthony Stewart Head, Jordan Stevens, John Ross Bowie, Eve, and Eleanor Matsuura will join the cast, according to the report published on "tv series finale".

British soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham also got a deal worth at least $ 20 million with the American "Netflix" network, in exchange for presenting a series that includes their life story.

And Beckham made the big deal in exchange for presenting a Netflix series about his life, with the help of a film crew that follows him wherever he goes; According to Sputnik.

The series is scheduled to show clips of Beckham's life, his relationship with his current wife, Victoria.

A source revealed to the British newspaper "The Sun", that the series will be an important step in Netflix, indicating that the series will show a completely different side to David Beckham that his fans rarely see.

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