How to get a job
How to get a job

"How to get a job" is among the most searched sentences on the Internet, and this means that a large number of young people are searching daily for a job or a job, and the majority, unfortunately, have a lack of communication skills and are unaware that finding a job requires many things and steps. That some people think is not important or does not affect getting a job, while small details may be the secret that can show you How to get a job.

In order to find work, the researcher must answer the following four questions: What am I looking for? Where to find it? How can I do this? Who can help me? To answer these questions, you must do the following: Knowing yourself (personal qualifications), knowing the labor market, knowing the field in which you want to work and the tasks related to the profession, and finally, distinguishing yourself with the skills and means of work that you are looking for.

In order for your experience of finding a job not to be boring and frustrating with you and the last thing you want to do, you must realize that you are in the job itself and full-time. Therefore, you must devote for a certain period all your time and effort to the fullest, whether you are looking for a job for the first time, or you want to return to the job market after a long absence, or even you want to change your current job.

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How to search and How to get a job smartly

Here are 11 tips that HR experts give you and of course you will benefit from them more than you expect:

1 - Know yourself well

Before beginning your research, you must define convincing answers to these fundamental questions: Who are you? What skills and knowledge do you really have? What do you want to do? what do you want from life? Job? Profession and specialty? Where do you want to be in several years? Do you feel happy in your current job? What do you want to change? This type of analysis helps you clarify your skills and talents and uncover weaknesses. With this step, you will be able to set clear and specific goals and build your effective plans to achieve them easily.

2 - Invest in personal relationships

Communicating with relatives and friends is one of the most important pieces of advice provided to search for vacancies in the companies that some of them work for. Someone may know a job available here or there. These people know your true abilities and realize the extent of your full dedication and discipline at work. This simple step will increase the chances of success of your task in searching for a job, as many job seekers get their desired goal through direct referrals from a person, or through recommendations, and it is a means that represents a golden key for you, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

3 - The research was considered a work in itself

Make the research process your first priority, improve your chances by showing your discipline and determination. Do not waste precious days of the week in front of a computer screen, go out and document your multiple relationship circles and conduct personal interviews. It is true that every person goes through moments of frustration and despair during his journey in search of work, but do not let this affect you negatively and make you lose hope that you will get the work that you desire.

4 - Focus your search on smaller companies

Many new jobs start with smaller jobs and with the increasing number of small companies that usually include a small to a medium number of employees, your chances of getting a job in them increase with them, greater than the opportunity available for obtaining work in large and famous companies. It is advised that you pay more attention to these new companies, as it is easier to communicate with those responsible so that important decisions can be made there faster and less stressful. This is in addition to the experience that you will accumulate throughout your career. In large companies, you are part of a large machine, while working in a small company teaches you passion and ambition, and learn to do many things at once.

5 - Accept a temporary position or volunteer work

Volunteering in different organizations and activities increase your visibility and enhance your chance of winning a job. Do your best to make your performance during the volunteering period remarkable, to be present in the minds of the facility officials. Volunteering can be of great benefit to you, as it helps you learn a lot and provides you with a wide experience to add to your personal and professional career that can be mentioned on the CV. It should be noted that employers value a candidate who devotes little of his spare time to working on a cause he believes in and considers this a sign of the candidate's serious commitment.

6 - Enhance your skills and experiences

One of the reasons for the difficulties that many young people face in the process of searching for a suitable job is a failure to keep pace with special skills, work requirements, and jobs that change and develop every day, so you must always update and enhance your skills. And do not neglect communication skills because they are highly required in all areas, and with their proficiency, your chances will be high to win the job that suits your ambitions. Also, try to be flexible to change your field, or at least be keen to learn more in your field or profession, because the labor market and jobs are affected by technological development, and it is advised in this section to develop your electronic knowledge, so whoever wishes to develop professionally in today's world must be more like With a computer and Internet expert, and to develop himself around the clock in this field.

7 - Be distinct and unique

How do I search for a job and How to get a job smartly? Be unique of your kind, the world no longer needs more copies! What distinguishes you from others? Everyone has what distinguishes him from others, but only a few know what distinguishes him, and if he knows what distinguishes him, he does not exploit him in a way that makes him distinguished in the work or job he is applying for. Knowing what distinguishes you and what you can do is better than others that no one can do like you, and the value that you will add in the labor market. It will help you build strong confidence in yourself and will give you the ability and skill to answer the common question that the employer will ask you: Why should you agree to work with us?

8 - Do a lot of interviews

HR professionals recommend multiple interviews. No one who has gone through this experience will deny the great benefits that he got only from conducting interviews, and at the same time, you cannot touch those benefits and experiences unless you go through them alone, try them and succeed in overcoming their challenges. The many and varied job interviews enable you to notice the differences between companies, the methods of interviews, and the type of questions asked, so you can distinguish the professional from the novice, and this is all considered a large experience balance that you cannot get from anywhere else.

9 - Put your CV online

We live in an era that witnessed an accelerated technological development, which highlighted the need for you to have an electronic CV on various websites on the Internet, which gives you the opportunity to add your CV on its pages. Take advantage of this opportunity, as recruiting companies are keen to follow the databases they contain in order to find qualified candidates.

10 - Update your CV continuously

Do not provide the same CV for all the jobs you are applying for, it is good to amend your CV and prepare it as directed to a company specifically so that the interviewer does not feel that you are throwing your CV wherever it provides you.

11 - Do not despair and keep your focus

How to get a job and how do I search for a job with high spirits? Maintaining a positive attitude and attitude, and focusing on your pre-prepared plan, is an important matter that you must constantly work on. Dedicate your effort in the job search process, all of which will improve your chances of getting a future job. It is easy to get frustrated, depressed, and hopeless during the job search process, it may be one of the most difficult experiences in your life, and the key to the solution is to understand that you are not alone, there are hundreds of thousands of people looking for work just as you do, but the distinguished and unique one wins.


Searching for a job is a process of several stages, and those who go through it may feel stressed and hopeless often, so you have to focus on your goal and continue to learn the skills that enable you to market yourself in the job market well. Maintain your relentless pursuit and your constant search ... Throw in the competition with determination and achieve yourself and yourself.

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