IPhone 13 case

iPhone 13 case will not contain anything inside

Apple has already removed the charger and headphones from inside the iPhone 12 case, but it also turns out that Apple will remove more accessories, and Apple may include both Touch ID and Face ID in its upcoming new phone, or what might be known as the iPhone 13.

According to the TOI website, which included that Apple conducts a survey on the iPhone 12 and asks users several questions about the experience and changes they may want, as for accessories, Apple will remove the USB-C-to-Lightning cable from the iPhone 13 device case, as it may It also removes the nano-SIM eject tool.

Apple is seeking to obtain real user reviews about Face ID, where one of the questions were, is the user dissatisfied with Face ID for several reasons, including Security or privacy concerns; Slow performance; I prefer Touch ID; Dissatisfied with the service it doesn't always unlock the iPhone.

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