Jobs make you rich
Jobs make you rich

jobs make you rich

Many are looking for happiness and money for a comfortable life, so "" has found that both can be done through work, but only in specific jobs.

The site-based its results on several criteria, including the relationship between the manager and colleagues, the professional environment, career development opportunities, and the nature of the tasks assigned to the employees.

Here is a list of 10 jobs that guarantee you money and these, jobs make you rich.

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1 - CEOs of technology companies

They help companies develop their informatics systems. On average, this job guarantees its owner an annual salary of more than $ 150,000.

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2- In charge of petroleum drilling

The owner of this job deals electronically with the machines used in drilling to extract oil. The average annual salary is more than  178,000 $, these jobs make you rich, in 5 years.

3 - Chief Engineer

He designs information systems and earns an average annual wage of more than  100,000 $.

4 - Business Development Manager

Its mission is focused on building and developing relationships with customers, whether they are individuals or institutions, and establishing permanent links with them. The job holder earns, on average, more than  93,000 $ a year.

5- Accounting Manager

In charge of managing financial matters and controlling the accounts of the institutions in which he works. The average annual wage for this type of employee is about  88,000 $.

6- Senior Electronic Systems Engineer

Responsible for creating electronic systems that facilitate the performance of many tasks on the computer. He earns a wage of about  92,000 $ annually.

7 - Supervisor of managers

The supervisor of managers monitors and evaluates the work of many employees. And he coordinates with the direct supervisors of the employees. And he gets paid annually in the range of 111 thousand dollars.

8 - Deputy Chief Sales Officer

He is responsible for overseeing everything related to the company achieving more sales and ensuring that its sales do not decline. He earns more than  162,000 $ annually.

9 - Production Manager

Responsible for introducing new products and giving explanations about them to customers. He receives a salary of more than  120,000 $ annually.

10 - Information Technology Manager

Facilitate the tasks of the crew in ensuring that the information systems are in good working order. His annual wage is more than  115,000 $.

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