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The best tourist places worth your visit in Morocco 

Morocco is a country of beauty and unique landscapes. Tourism in Morocco is distinguished by its diversity as it is distinguished over many tourist countries.

Tourism in Morocco has become a global destination thanks to its unique natural richness and authentic Arab culture.

Morocco also benefited from its location in the African continent and its openness to the Mediterranean, as it is one of the countries of the Arab world, so the country attracts many Arab and foreign tourists.

What isThe best seasons of tourism in Morocco

The best times for tourism in Morocco is from March to May, as this period is characterized by a moderate climate, where light rain falls, in addition to calm, warm weather, suitable for tourism in general.

The cost of traveling to Morocco

The cost of travel to Morocco for two people ranges from 650-1150 dollars per week.

It may increase and vary according to desire.

Tourist places in Morocco. 

1-Tourism in Casablanca

Casablanca city
 Tourism in Casablanca

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and the most beautiful city on the Moroccan coast, and it is the economic capital of the country.

Casablanca is a city known for its varied and wonderful tourist places, as there are many tourist areas in Morocco, which gives it a unique charm and beauty.

The city includes many parks and gardens, such as the Arab League Park, in addition to hosting many annual festivals, including the Casablanca Festival.

The period required to visit tourist places in Casablanca is 4 days

2-Tourism in Marrakech

Tourism in Marrakech

Tourism in Marrakech

The city of Marrakech is one of the most important Moroccan tourist cities, as it is distinguished by its beauty and picturesque nature.

In it the harmony and blending of the beauty and splendor of the past, Marrakech contains many historical walls, giant gardens, and buildings.

It is considered in our time a bastion of Arab civilization and an intellectual center for science and culture, as well as philosophy.

Marrakech has many museums and monuments that catch the eye of many foreign tourists.

Marrakesh is also one of the most important tourist places in Morocco, and there are many recreational activities such as amusement parks, restaurants, cafes, and markets.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Marrakesh when traveling to Morocco.

The suggested duration of the visit is five days

3-Tourism in Rabat

Tourism in Rabat

Rabat is the second-largest city and capital of Morocco, and it is distinguished over the rest of the cities by its beautiful location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful Bouregreg River passing between its streets.

 Rabat hosts many festivals and the most important tourist places.

The time required to visit the most important tourist places in Rabat is three days.

4-Tourism in Tangier

Tourism in Tangier

Tangier is the sixth-largest city in Morocco and one of the most important cities in it, as it annually receives a very large number of foreign tourists coming to get to know the city due to its archaeological and tourist attractions, the most important of which is the Arak cave and the Ramliyat forest.

The suggested time to get to know the best tourist places in Tangier is three days

5-Tourism in Fez

Tourism in Fez

Fez is the second-largest city in Morocco in terms of population density, as it includes many tourist areas, hotels, and entertainment venues.

What is distinguished in Fez is that it is the largest car-free zone in the world, and its environment is very clean.

The suggested period for getting to know the best tourist places in Fez is three days

6-Tourism in Meknes

Tourism in Meknes

The city of Meknes, tourism is distinguished from the rest of the Moroccan cities by its ancient history, which it tells about its walls and towers, as well as its historical places that witnessed the passage of many ages, as it has preserved its glory and archaeological features. It is rightly considered the city of Arab Islamic civilization.

The suggested duration for getting acquainted with the sights of Meknes is two days

7-Tourism in Agadir

Tourism in Agadir

Agadir is considered one of the tourist cities in Morocco, as it is located on the ocean beach and is considered one of the most important Moroccan tourist places, as it includes many tourist attractions, amusement parks, health resorts, golf courses, clean beaches, and night parties.

The suggested duration to visit Agadir is two days

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