Animal Kingdom season 5
 A season 6 for Animal Kingdom which will also be the last for the Cody

Animal Kingdom season 5 has not yet been scheduled on TNT, but the US channel is already announcing the renewal of the series for a season 6 and its cancellation at the same time, the sixth will be the last.

So, filming for Season 6 is set to begin next February if all goes well, while TNT will air the fifth during the summer. This is in line with the new direction taken by the channel, which is moving away from scripted series in favor of unscripted programs and more specifically a sports offer for the WarnerMedia package.

Animal Kingdom was in any case a real success for the channel, with solid audiences and a so-called young audience. It reached 27 million viewers across all platforms in season 4 and placed in the Top 10 cable dramas in 2019 in terms of audiences.

In Animal Kingdom season 5, Pope (Shawn Hatosy), Craig (Ben Robson), Deran (Jake Weary), and J (Finn Cole) continue to deal with the fallout from the death of a family member, with other members determined to take revenge. Their kingdom is then leaderless and the Codys struggle to maintain a fragile alliance and see who ends up at the top. Meanwhile, the series still follows the Smurf story until 1984, then 29, as he raises son Bob and Julia while they do the dangerous robbery.

Along with Ben Robson, Jake Wray, Shawn Hattuse, and Fun Cole, we also find Rego Sanchez, Lily George, and John Pavers in the cast of the series Animal Kingdom.

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