Brassic Season 3
 Brassic Season 3

Nothing stops the band as Vinnie is set to return to Sky One again less than a year after Brassic Season 2 aired. The third season of this somewhat supercharged comedy-drama is now unveiled with a trailer, pending a launch date.

Let's remember - and spoilers if you haven't seen the second season - that we left the group over Vinnie's arrest after multiple mishaps and questionable hits. As Vinnie regains his freedom, he doesn't manage to stay away from trouble for long in this season 3 of Brassic, with his group of friends having a penchant for just getting deeper into trouble.

Caught between the police and the criminal Mr. McCann, Vinnie is forced to use all means to achieve his ends, with the support of Tommo, Dylan, JJ, Ashley, Carol, Cardi, Sugar, and Farmer Jim. So here they are, plunging into a world of bulls, snakes, kidnappings, betrayals, and this time a normal-sized horse!

Brassic 3 | First Look Trailer on Sky One

The cast of Brassic season 3 still reunites Michelle Keegan, Joe Gilgun,  Damien Molony, Tom Hanson, Aaron Heffernan, Ryan Sampson, Steve Evets, Dominic, West Parth Thakerar, and Ramon Tikaram.

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