Caribbean holidays
Caribbean holidays under the sun and by the sea

In the Caribbean Sea, the islands are numerous and scattered all over the place. Each is different and has its own culture. Some are large and very popular with holidaymakers, while others wilder have human-scale dimensions and homes.

Where to go on vacation in the Caribbean?

Depending on your desires, you can go on vacation to the Caribbean in Jamaica, Cuba, Guadeloupe, or Martinique which are the most imposing and populated islands. Each has its own identity, culture, and history. If you prefer to be in less crowded places, the Bahamas is a great destination. This archipelago has 700 islands that you can explore in different ways. The Caymans are still a great destination. The largest of the islands is reminiscent of South Florida. Diving enthusiasts will be delighted to practice their favorite sport in this sea which is a gigantic aquarium filled with fish of all colors.

Weather in the Caribbean
Weather in the Caribbean

Caribbean Weather

If you choose to go on a Caribbean vacation, know that the climate is tropical or subtropical towards the Bahamas. The temperature never drops below a minimum of 20 °. During the summer months, the temperature is around 28 to 32 °. For the Bahamas, it is best to leave between December and May. For the Lesser and Greater Antilles, the best season is from November to April.

the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands
the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands

The most beautiful island in the Caribbean

It's hard to say which is the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands. However, Barbados on the far edge of the Atlantic is a little gem. It is still authentic and dotted with exceptional beaches. The residents are very welcoming and the hotel structures are on a human scale. It is pleasant to practice surfing, windsurfing, or paddleboarding. Swimming is very pleasant because the beaches are immense, covered with white sand and the water is warm and crystal clear as far as the eye can see. Also to see:

  • Guadeloupe
  • Curacao
  • The Dominican Republic
  • Aruba
  • Karukera
  • The Grenadines
  • Dominica

Caribbean cruise
Caribbean cruise

Caribbean cruise

If you have a crush on the boat, you can book a cruise for a Caribbean vacation. There are several formulas. Some companies offer turnkey cruises on liners crisscrossing this region of the world. You will travel in a comfortable cabin from island to island for a typical week. Everything is included onboard and plenty of entertainment is on offer. You can also discover some islands like Saint-Martin, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and many more by renting a catamaran with a 

*skipper. The trip is more intimate because these boats carry few passengers. If you are with family or friends, this solution is ideal. More seasoned sailors can also rent a sailboat directly on-site with or without a skipper.

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