Data will be stored in DNA soon
No more data centers, data will be stored in DNA soon

After the data stored in the clouds, it's time for the big switch to infinitely small. The volume of data stored in data centers doubles every two years, multiplying the number of places to store data on the planet. The ecological impact may quickly no longer be negligible. It is currently responsible for 4% of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions in the world. In addition to the metal problems required to build up ever more storage capacity, electricity consumption is also likely to become exponential. "Today, data centers occupy one-millionth of the submerged land. At the current rate of development, one-thousandth of the submerged land will be occupied by data warehouses in 2040, alarms François Képès, biologist researcher, member of the Academy of Technologies. We will soon no longer have the capacity to store all the data produced. This will create a real data wall. "

DNA seems to be the right answer to avoid this disaster scenario. "It has been shown that we can replace the 33,000 hangars where our data is stored today by simply a van", adds the researcher. Especially since on all the other constraints, DNA proves to be very efficient. With current technology, it is possible to retain information stored on DNA.

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