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The "Telegram" platform for instant communication has revealed a new tool to facilitate the transfer of user conversations from messaging services such as "WhatsApp", "Line" and "KaKaoTalk" so that he can transfer his conversations quickly and directly through the "iPhone" phone.

A report published by the "9to5Mac" website stated that the new feature will begin to arrive on "Apple" phones with update No. 7.4.

Update No. 7.4.1 of Telegram allows the user to transfer his conversations from “WhatsApp” to the platform while preserving his ability to continue his conversations on “WhatsApp”.

To immigrate from "WhatsApp"

This feature comes at a crucial time for "Telegram", as the service is witnessing a significant increase in the rate of new users, and the total number of its users exceeded 500 million users after users rushed to leave the service "WhatsApp" and search for new alternatives, after updating the privacy policies.

The process of transferring conversations from "WhatsApp" to "Telegram" is carried out through the following steps:

1. Enter the conversation you want to transfer, then press the name of the person you are talking to or the name of the group chat in the case of group conversations.

2. Choose Export Chat, and from the menu that appears, choose "Telegram".

3. When you open the "Telegram" application, you will find the transferred conversation marked "Imported".

You can transfer conversations only one conversation at a time, and you can control the transfer of conversations with or without pictures.

However, this feature has not yet reached the Telegram application on Android phones.

Other advantages

With the new update, Telegram introduces new features such as controlling the listening volume of one of the participants in group voice calls, and the ability to report channels or group conversations that try to impersonate an institution, company, or famous person.

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