Cidade Invisível
Cidade Invisível

A new Brazilian fantasy series, the entirety of Season 1 of Cidade Invisível is now available on the Netflix streaming service.

Written by Mirna Nogueira, based on an idea by Raphael Draccon and Carolina Munhóz, Cidade Invisível follows a man who, after a family tragedy, discovers that mythical creatures live among humans and hold the key to the mysteries of his past.

More specifically, it all starts with an environmental police officer devastated by the death of his wife who is drawn into the mystery of the death of a pink dolphin found stranded on a beach in Rio. He will then establish a link with the death of his wife and discover an occult world of mythological entities from Brazilian folklore.

Comprising 7 episodes, season 1 of Cidade Invisível stars Marco Pigossi (Alta Mar), Alessandra Negrini, Jessica Corres, Fabio Lago, Manu Diggets, Wesley Guimares, Julia Konrad, Jose Dumont, Victor Anarpane and Áurea Maranhão.

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