Keeley Hawes
Keeley Hawes

 Keeley Hawes has become a safe bet on the British small screen. Better than that, she is in truth an inescapable name of English television, having known how to multiply the heterogeneous roles, between the universe of espionage, costume drama, and contemporary series. She is also at the beginning of the year in Finding Alice in the first role, but also in a notable supporting role in It’s a Sin.

The actress cut her teeth on television by appearing in Troublemakers (1990), Dennis Potter's Karaoke (1995), Heartbeat (1995), or even The Beggar Bride (1997), before multiplying the literary adaptations (modern or classic) of the BBC with Our Mutual Friend (1998), Wives and Daughters (1999), Tipping the Velvet (2002) which will help her to get noticed, before landing the role that will make her known to the general public ...

Keeley Hawes

Spooks / MI-5 (2002-2004)

For three seasons on the BBC series, the actress played the spy Zoe Reynolds, who possessed a talent for languages ​​and an excellent instinct. The work in Section D, however, will affect his morale and confidence. Keeley Hawes is then one of the main characters of the series during its first seasons and injects a welcome female point of view.

It is also on this series that the actor meets her second husband, Matthew MacFadyen, with whom she has two children. She also had a song with DJ Spencer McCallum.

Keeley Hawes' career continues and naturally diversifies, maintaining a presence on the small screen, but also landing small, more or less notable roles in film productions such as Filming in an English Garden (2005), Joyeuses Funérailles (2007), and British robbery (2008). It was also during this period that she became the new voice of Lara Croft (in 2006) before becoming the headliner of a series again ...

Keeley Hawes
Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes (2008–2010)

Keeley Hawes succeeds John Simm in the sequel to Life On Mars, titled Ashes to Ashes which this time takes us back to the 80s still in the company of Gene Hunt. The actress becomes Alex Drake who is determined to find a way back to her time to be reunited with her daughter. She thus stands up to Hunt, showing a strong character and undeniable skill in her work.

The same year, the actress can also be seen in another BBC series (Mutual Friends, 2008), and she then continues in this television path by varying the genres, making the detective series (Identity or The Tunnel), period drama (Upstairs Downstairs, the TV movie The Lady Vanishes) and in comedy (Ambassadors). She also guest-starred in an episode of Doctor Who in 2014, when she caught the eye with her most memorable role today.

Keeley Hawes, Line of Duty
Line of Duty

Line of Duty (2014–2016)

In season 2, she joins the cast of Jed Mercurio’s now staple series, Line of Duty, to become the number 1 suspect in the AC-12 investigation. In the skin of Lindsay Denton, a compromised and depressed policewoman. She delivers one of her most memorable performances, a subtle portrayal of a complex woman, thus keeping her guilt or innocence in doubt until the end.

This role undoubtedly increases the notoriety of the actress with the British public and establishes her as one of the sure values ​​of the small screen, which she continues to confirm role after role, whether in the main ones as in season 2 of The Missing (2016) or the secondary ones with A place to take (2015) and The Hollow Crown (2016). Which leads us to a notable supporting role.

Mrs. Wilson
Keeley Hawes

Mrs. Wilson (2018)

In this miniseries based on the life of Ruth Wilson's grandmother, we follow Alison, aka Mrs. Wilson, who follows the death of her husband, discovers that the latter had many secrets, starting with another family. She tries to discover the truth in this way and thus meets the mysterious Dorothy Wick, played by Keeley Hawes. With limited time, the actress manages to make her mark on Ruth Wilson. A role that will earn him his third nomination at the BAFTA Awards.

Before, she had already been nominated for Line of Duty, but also for Bodyguard (the same year as Mrs. Wilson) where she found precisely the creator Jed Mercurio. The thriller in which she plays Home Secretary Julia Montague is very popular and a huge success for the BBC. While the actress has a certain affinity with the suspense series, also appearing in the spy series Traitors and Summer of Rockets (2019), she regularly recalls that she has many strings to her bow.

Keeley Hawes
Keeley Hawes

The Mad Adventure of The Durrells (2016-2019)

Keeley Hawes becomes the matriarch of the Durrell family for a new port of the Corfu Trilogy in The Mad Adventure of The Durrells. This series is part of a family register, exotic, even wanting to be relaxing by telling us the story of this broke English family who left bad English weather to settle under the sun of a Greek island and having to find out how to make ends meet, amid animals and sentimental issues. The actress is therefore at the head of a clan where humor, sentimentality, and joy of life emerge.

The actress has therefore made one of her secrets to switching regularly from one genre to another, ranging from the comedy Year of The Rabbit (2019) to the historical drama Miss Revolution (2020) or even the new adaptation of Rebecca (2020 ).

Have you seen it all? Do not panic! Naturally, there is Finding Alice and It’s a Sin continuing their weekly airing in England when it will star into Olivia, which is slated for release in February in England. Additionally, Arte has announced the release of the Honor miniseries starting February 26 (and available to stream on February 19).

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