Unforgotten Season 4
Unforgotten Season 4

ITV unearths the past once again with Chief Inspector Cassie Stuart and Chief Inspector Sunil Khan in season 4 of Unforgotten which airs Monday, February 22 on UK TV.

This season 4 of Unforgotten, therefore, begins with the discovery of a dismembered body in a junkyard. The team suspects that this body was stored in a freezer for about 30 years. A tattoo directs the investigation to a crime dating back to 1990 and to four people who are now in different parts of the country: Ram Sidhu and his wife Anna live in London, Liz Baildon and his fiancee Janet are in Cambridge, Fiona Grayson, and her partner Geoff in Peak District, and Dean Barton and his wife Marnie live in Rochester. The investigation threatens their reputation, their family dynamics, and the lives they have built.

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At the same time, Cassie faces a difficult situation when she learns, after deciding to retire earlier, that she will not be entitled to her full pension unless she completes her 30 years of service.

Unforgotten | series 4 trailer

Composed of 6 episodes, this season 4 of Unforgotten, therefore, brings together Sanjeev Bhaskar, Peter Egan, Alastair Mackenzie, Nicola Walker,  Carolina Main, Lewis Reeveset Jordan Long who are joined by Sheila Hancock, Phaldut Sharma, Liz White, Claire Calbraith, Susan Lynch, Andy Nyman,  and Lucy Speed.

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