Cry Wolf
Cry Wolf

After the Israeli series The Grave earlier this month, Salto continues to expand its catalog of foreign series with the release this Thursday, March 18 of Cry Wolf, coming to us from Denmark.

Written by Maja Jul Larsen, Cry Wolf (original title Ulven Kommer) tells us the story of 14-year-old Holly, who writes an essay at school chronicling her stepfather's violent behavior. . Chaos emerges in her life, as social services intervene and choose to place Holly and her brother Theo in foster care.

The case is then handled by Lars, a social worker. The parents deny all the accusations altogether, as doubts emerge and the question arises as to who is telling the truth: the parents or the young girl?

Cry Wolf Trailer

Consisting of eight episodes, Cry Wolf brings together Bjarne Henriksen, Flora Ofelia Hofmann Lindahl, Christine Albeck Børge, Peter Plaugborg and Noah Storm Otto.

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