Domina: The destiny of Livia Drusilla,

While Britannia is revisiting the Roman conquest in its way, Sky Atlantic decides to go back in time to return to another period of Roman Antiquity with the Domina series, announced for May-June and which is unveiled today. with a trailer.

Written by Simon Burke (Zen, Fortitude) and directed by Claire McCarthy (Ophelia, The Luminaries), Domina tells us this Roman story by favoring the female point of view, and more specifically by choosing to focus on the story of Livia Drusilla who sees his whole world collapsing following the assassination of Julius Caesar.

The series, therefore, wants to tell us about her fate, from naïve young girl to the most powerful woman in the Roman Empire and will play a more than determining role in the construction of the Empire through conspiracy, seduction, and murder.

Domina - Trailer | Neues Sky Original | Sky

Composed of eight episodes, this season 1 of Domina stars Kasia Smutniak, Liam Cunningham, Colette Tchantcho, Christine Bottomley, Claire Forlani, Matthew McNulty, and Ben Batt.

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