The DOTA: Dragon's Blood anime will explore the history and mythologies that surround the characters in the game. Here is the Netflix anime universe, explained.

DOTA 2 has a massive fan base, who will no doubt be delighted that Netflix and Valve are collaborating on the release of their next animated adaptation of the game, DOTA: Dragon's Blood. As the anime will focus on the complex history of the game, world-building emerges as a fundamental aspect that deserves convincing updating. DOTA: Dragon's Blood will center on Davion, a future dragon knight who will have to face a horde of enemies while navigating the conflicting world of the game. DOTA: Dragon's Blood has been streaming on Netflix since March 25, 2021, and is available in 12 languages.


As the DOTA game universe dates back to an era before the conception of time, it is difficult to draw an exhaustive map of its history. With the anime strictly centered around Davion, the focus will likely be on his heroic arc, which culminates in an epic coming-of-age odyssey.

Davion is just one of the countless heroes involved in the final battle of the Ancients, which dates back to an entity called the Primal Spirit, whose presence gave birth to the universe. After his mind splits into Radiant and Dire, the two are locked in vicious opposition, engaging in an eternal war that has justified the participation of all creation in the service of this conflict. However, a third fragment named Zet was born to resolve the latent disharmony in the cosmos, which quickly overwhelmed his siblings with his immense magical powers. As a result, peace reigned in the cosmos again.

Despite Radiant and Dire merging into an Eternal Prison, also known as Mad Moon, Zet spent eons on guard, which was inevitably shattered when the captives escaped the prison. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the Terrene Plane, where most of the events of DOTA 2 take place, are embroiled in this primordial war. While DOTA: Dragon's Blood is unlikely to take a close interest in the history of the Ancients, the anime might choose to reveal some aspects of the war in interesting ways, while still being focused on Davion's heroic quest.

Additionally, as the title suggests the presence of dragons, Davion can be expected to embark on a quest to kill Eldwurms, who are a race of dragons who manifest as one of the eight. elements - air, ice, boid, ion, water, lumen, fire, and chaos. The Elders are known to live for eons, accumulating rich wisdom and a sense of history throughout their existence. Although Davion makes his way through the world with his formidable dragon-slaying abilities, he spends years on the trail of Slyark, a former Fire Eldwurm he seeks to kill.


Mixing the blood of Slywark with that of Davion creates a Blood Route, which imparts to the young knight Slyark's latent and centuries-old powers, experience, and wisdom. Davion then transforms into a Dragon Knight, granting him powers such as the ability to breathe fire and transform into his ultimate Ancient Dragon form. Besides Davion, Princess Mirana, who possesses exceptional abilities as a hunter and devotee of Goddess Selemene, will also be a central protagonist.

As Luna is also expected to make an appearance in the anime, audiences will likely have the opportunity to experience the inner workings of the Order of the Dark Moon, as well as the key events unfolding within the sacred precinct of the Silverwoods. . Mirana and Luna get most of their powers from the Moon Goddess Selemene, who grants them weapons crafted and loaded with Moon Ore. While not much is known about Mirana's Kingdom, the anime might choose to focus on the story of Mirana who gave up the Sun Throne to devote herself to Selemene.


Demons and mages also exist in the world of DOTA: Dragon's Blood, which is confirmed by the presence of Invoker and Terrorblade in the series trailers. While Invoker is a mage of tremendous prowess, possessing arcane knowledge known to a few, Terrorblade is an outlaw hellion with hellish intentions. The Terrorblade arc could justify an intricate construction of the world of Foulfell, a hidden prison lined with fractal walls also known as the Hell of Hell.

Although the adaptation of the anime is expected to cover a considerable amount of characters and information about the game, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is expected to bring new perspectives that will enrich the converging storylines of the main players involved. With the construction of the anime world relying heavily on visual storytelling, it remains to be seen whether they can evoke feelings of awe and haunting longing in everyone.

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