Final Space Season 3
Final Space Season 3

The adventure resumes for Gary and his friends with Season 3 of Final Space arriving on Adult Swim. It begins last night on the American channel.

If you are not familiar with this animated series by Olan Rogers, Final Space tells us about the adventures in space of Gary Goodspeed, a human astronaut prisoner, and his friend Mooncake, an adorable alien who can destroy planets. Gary, Mooncake, and their crew then embark on a mission to protect the universe from the plans of the terrible Lord Commander.

Season 3 picks up where it left off with a few unexpected twists. So, Gary and his team enter the final space to save Quinn. After discovering that they are now prisoners, the stakes are high and they must do whatever they can to survive.

Final Space Season 3 (Official Trailer)

In the voice cast of Final Space, we find Olan Rogers, David Tennant, Fred Armisen, Tom Kenny, Tika Sumpter, Steven Yeun, but also Coty Galloway, Ron Perlman, Gina Torres, Shannon Purser, Keith David, Conan O'Brien, Ashly Burch, Claudia Black, Ron Funches, Jane Lynch, Tobias Conan Trost, Alan Tudyk, John DiMaggio, Vanessa Marshall, Christopher Judge, Caleb McLaughlin, and Andy Richter.

What About Final Space Season 2?

Offered last summer on the American channel Adult Swim, season 2 of Final Space is coming to France on Netflix. Indeed, the streaming service has uploaded all of the new episodes which are therefore available now.

Season 2 resumes with Gary almost starting over with a new ship with a different artificial intelligence (voiced by Jane Lynch). He collects what is left of his crew and recruits new members. They then embark on a mission to save the Titan Bolo (Keith David).

Final Space Season 2 Trailer

In terms of voice casting, this season 2 of Final Space brings together Olan Rogers, Fred Armisen, Tom Kenny, David Tennant, Tika Sumpter, and Steven Yeun who are joined by Jane Lynch, Conan O'Brien, Ron Funches, Ashly Burch, and Keith David, but also Alan Tudyk, Christophe Judge, and Claudia Black.

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