After having reunited with McDonald & Dodds for a season 2, ITV proposes to meet a new police officer, namely Inspector Roy Grace in the series Grace which is broadcast from this Sunday, March 14 on the British channel.

Coming to us from screenwriter Russell Lewis (Endeavor), this first season of Grace consists of two episodes (each lasting 90 minutes) and brings to the screen the first two novels of Peter James' literary series, namely “Like a grave” and “Death suits them so well”.

The series begins with Roy Grace's (John Simm) 's career at its lowest point. His unorthodox methods in a local murder case have been called into question and his superiors are concerned about the repercussions it may have on law enforcement. Grace is moreover obsessed with the disappearance of his wife six years ago and is still looking for answers.

When a successful local real estate developer goes missing on his bachelorette party night, Detective Glenn Branson comes to ask Grace to help him in the case.

Grace season 1 Trailer

Grace stars John Simm, Richie Campbell, Rakie Ayola, Laura Elphinstone, Amaka Okafor and Brad Morrison.

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