The original HBO series have the best audiences; they are critically acclaimed and worshiped by viewers around the world. Succession, the critically acclaimed epic drama, has reportedly been renewed for a third season, it seems. On November 8, 2016, the election day turned a bit sour during the previous season. On the other hand, Adam McKay, executive producer of Succession, told the entire cast that they were working together to make the show better.

In France, Succession is broadcast on OCS, and you can stream the first two seasons there.


Succession is loosely based on the famous Murdoch family. The series, since becoming a modern-day classic, has faced a very difficult task. The series is set in post-Trump America, where politics are both front and center in the media.

Succession plot evolution for season 3

After two seasons, the series has proven itself capable of rising to any occasion. Motley, the Machiavellian team of Succession, is an amalgamation of Roy's parasites and potential heirs. The series also boasts the best all-star cast in television history. Even critics agree that Succession is one of HBO's best offerings.

The premium broadcast network has given the show the green light for a third season, with only a few episodes of the second season airing. And now Succession fans can't contain their happiness. Here's everything there is to know about the third season.

Succession Season 3: the return of the cast and new actors

When the third season of Succession returns to HBO, the series will feature the most compelling characters, suggesting that HBO will bring in talented actors. Hope Davis has reportedly signed on to play Sandi Furness. Furness is the daughter of Logan's rival, according to Deadline reports.


According to Deadline, three more recurring players have been announced. Also, Sanaa Lathan has been chosen to play Lisa Arthur, a powerful and high-profile lawyer from New York. Linda Emond, meanwhile, will play Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven, a senior White House assistant. Finally, Jihae is expected to play the role of Berry Schneider's public relations consultant.

Succession Season 3 release date


HBO Max and HBO's head of content offerings, Casey Bloyes, reportedly told Deadline that the channel plans to release the series in the fourth quarter. The plan also suggests that there will be no delays in production, filming, and release. COVID-19 is worsening as cases multiply. The whole future of the season hinges on how the government deploys the COVID vaccine. OCS has a habit of broadcasting the episodes in US + 24, so we will likely be able to discover season 3 on OCS the day after its broadcast in the United States.

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