The Girlfriend Experience Season 3
The Girlfriend Experience Season 3

 It was in July 2019 that Starz announced the order for season 3 of the anthology The Girlfriend Experience. Since then, the series has not been talked about, but today we are entitled to a trailer and a launch date on the American channel, on May 2nd.

Still produced by Steven Soderbergh and Charles Fleishman, The Girlfriend Experience returns with a new creative team in charge of the script. It is thus Anja Marquardt (She’s Lost Control) who is in charge of writing and directing it.

The plot of this season 3 will take us to London, in the middle of high technologies, with Iris (Julia Goldani Telles), a young neuroscientist who begins to explore the world of the "Girlfriend Experience" and finds herself caught up in the confusion that this kind of relationship can develop. She then wonders about her actions, trying to determine if she is acting on her own accord or if she is allowing herself to be led in the direction she is now following.

In terms of the cast, Julia Goldani Telles is surrounded in this season 3 of The Girlfriend Experience by Oliver Masucci, Frank Dillane, Daniel Betts, Armin Karima, Tobi Bamtefa, and Jemima Rooper.

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