The Grave Season 1
The Grave Season 1

 Salto invites us to dive into an investigation of inexplicable phenomena with the Israeli series The Grave, which is available on the streaming platform from March 4.

Created by Omri Givon and Nimrod Eldar, the investigation of The Grave begins after an earthquake, when three human skeletons are discovered deep in a pit in a nature reserve. The DNA of these skeletons reveals that they belong to living people ... They are Yoel, a ranger who raises his son alone, Avigail a young woman incarcerated for homicide, and Niko, a noted mentalist.

How can you be alive and dead at the same time? Are these people hiding a big secret or the reality just isn't what you think it is? To resolve this investigation, Commissioner Chava will have to look beyond appearances.

This season of The Grave consists of eight episodes and brings together Nadav Nates, Michal Kalman, Tzahi Halevi, Shalom Michaelshvili, Liana Ayun

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