The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 20 was the episode that Princess fans have been waiting for. Instead of shedding light on the mysterious new group that looks like stormtroopers, it was a deep dive into one of the show's most unique characters.

Attention Spoiler on the episode titled Splinter.


It's hard to determine what was fact and what was fiction during "Splinter," which followed Princess as she reacted to being locked in a train car as everyone went through their version of hell.

Danger lurks around every corner on The Walking Dead, but this new group of people seems more sketchy than any group we've encountered to date.

Sadly, Princess found a group of people willing to work with her, only to be taken away when she found solace in belonging to a group.

Princess made a strong connection with Yumiko, Ezekiel, and Eugene during their days together, but her actions may well have put them even more in danger.

I'm going to assume that this new group is the Commonwealth, with their Storm Trooper outfit, but the episode should have given us a little more insight into the new group's machinations.


Yes, these episodes were produced during COVID-19 and inserted into the narrative to give fans something to chew on while The Walking Dead Season 11 was done, but beyond delving deep into Princess, what do we have? got?

The band was at the same risk when we left them at the end of The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 16 as they were at the end of The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 20.

The parameters for how the story is supposed to move are different because these episodes are considered a "bonus", but the writers could have given us more to continue to question what was going on.

It seemed too easy for Princess to escape the wagon and get closer to Eugene, so I'm grateful that at least that part seems to be her imagination.

Clues were strewn throughout the episode that Princess was not in the right place, mentally, but Ezekiel was so out of character it made him completely and quite obvious.


While it was fun for him to want to leave the wagon to get answers about his friends, his nasty comment to Princess that they were his friends was the ultimate gift.

If you watch The Walking Dead online, you know that Ezekiel was never a malicious man. He is probably one of the most honorable characters in The Walking Dead Universe.

However, his outlook on life may have changed now that he knows he is likely to die.

If Ezekiel's actions while he was supposed to be in the train car to help Princess had been more credible, the end-of-episode revelation that Princess was the one to go after the new party member would have been much better. landed than she did.

Unfortunately, the development of Princess came at the expense of advancing the plot in a significant way. Princess deserved an important episode from the final season that pushed the details of the story forward because that episode will be remembered as a deep dive into the character and just that.


Introducing a new group into the narrative has been difficult in the past, but it felt so sloppy here. Now that we know we won't be returning with these characters until The Walking Dead Season 11, it will be another unnecessary wait for answers. Unfortunately, that stifled the tension of the narrative.

The only good thing about the new group is that we have met someone who may well become an ally. Princess hit the man who was low in the rankings, but he worked with Princess to come up with a resolution that would protect them both.

If that means he's not mean, we don't know, but it was one of the only real connections built on the edge, which says something.


The first three episodes produced by COVID were a lot more exciting because they had a lot more and more than one character got impressive character development.

Then again, these three episodes seemed necessary for the events to come, but “Splinter” could probably be skipped, and fans wouldn't notice any difference.

The developments in his past should have come in an episode that moved the rest of the narrative forward as it was unfair to have his plot ruined by such a weak installment.

How do you feel about having to understand fact and fiction? Do you think Princess should have been developed in the final season instead of a bonus episode that didn't shift the other storylines?


Did you call up what was going on before the episode ended reveal? Do you think the Commonwealth man was a lower-ranking officer or was he playing the princess?

Please feel free to comment to let us know what you think of this episode.

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