Zero Season 1
Zero Season 1

 The global streaming platform will soon broadcast "Zero", a new Italian series with an original script.

Lately, Netflix has been making big productions such as The Lady's Game or Lupin. The American streaming giant does not intend to stop there: it has just announced a new Italian production called Zero. This brand new Netflix series will be available on the platform from April 21.

An original scenario

In the small text published to announce the arrival of this new original production, Netflix gives some details on the scenario of Zero: “It will tell the story of a shy boy able to make himself invisible__. His power could be a good way to help his neighborhood… ". The post also includes a 30-second trailer, in which we can catch a glimpse of Omar, the main character.

Zero | Official Trailer| Netflix

The description sheet of Zero on Netflix provides a few more details on the scenario: "Omar will be trained by a little thug who wants to rule the neighborhood and meets a mysterious art student ..."

In the cast of this first season of Zero, we find Giuseppe Dave Seke, Haroun Fall, Beatrice Grannò, Richard Dylan Magon, Daniela Scattolin, Madior Fall, Virgina Diop, Alex Van Damme, Frank Crudele, Giordano de Plano, Ashai Lombardo Arop, Roberta Mattei, Miguel Gobbo Diaz and Livio Kone.

While waiting for the release of Zero on April 21, 2021, Netflix can count on its latest big productions to keep spectators waiting. Recently, the platform unveiled a great documentary dedicated to the legend of Biggie Smalls, the legendary MC. We also enjoyed the trailer for Caïd, the French series scheduled for March 10.

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