Snabba Cash is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation for the end of Season 1 of Snabba Cash, read on! The series is based on the literary trilogy “Stockholm Noir” by Jens Lapidus, which already inspired the film trilogy “Easy Money”, with Joel Kinnaman. We also reveal all the information about the release of the second season here!


Leya has a great idea that she thinks will be a big hit. An application that predicts the success of an entrepreneurial idea by analyzing the reactions it elicits on social networks. She has already had the first round of funding and is going to this meeting to ask for more as she has no more funds. She convinces the original investor, Marcus Werner to give her more, but her first payment was in convertible bonds, which could mean he can foreclose her if he converts the bonds into stocks.

Leya is almost desperate, she works in a local restaurant in the Middle East and has been looking after her 5-year-old son, Sami, on her own since the death of his father. She believes that the TargetCoach app will allow her to break out of the routine and have an easier life for her and Sami. But she worries when the investor doesn't send the contract and begins to realize that the money he said he would invest is not going to materialize.

Salim sings at parties and weddings, but he also has another job, as we see when he dons a bulletproof vest after a gig and shoots members of a rival gang that has been dealing with drugs. on their territory. The leader of the gang, Ravy would like to shoot the rival gang and put them out of harm's way, but he knows that by doing this he will piss off Marko who supplies the drugs each gang sells. This does not prevent Salim and his friend Ari, whom he recruited into the gang, from going to shoot the rival gang in the restaurant where they meet.

Tim is a teenage boy who, along with his two buddies, sets fire to the motorcycle of the one who spat on his girlfriend's foot. But later, he receives a visit from Salim and his partner, who ask him to pay 20,000 kr for the damage. Where is he going to find such a sum so quickly?

Back to Leya: she's linked to the gang because Ravy is the boy's uncle. He buys Ravi a luxury car, which Leya gives him back because it is too big and too expensive. She also almost slept with Salim after meeting him at a party hosted by his restaurant. But the biggest event is that after the investor fails to bring the money he promised to give her, she goes to a pitching competition with well-known investor Tomas Storm.

At first, Storm doesn't choose anyone, but she chases after him and tells him that he wouldn't have lost any money on any of his first cases if he had used TargetCoach. When he shows up at her restaurant a few days later, things start to improve for her.


After Ravy kills Salim and lets Leya go, she goes to her supplier Marko. The series establishes that the two have a story. Yannick, Leya's husband, was killed during one of the meetings organized by Marko, who feels responsible for her. That’s why he agrees to meet Ravy when he reaches out to him through Leya. This time, Leya redeems Marko all of Ravy's debts with some of the money she receives from Storm.

Throughout Season 1 of Snabba Cash, Leya proves that she can be pretty ruthless if she needs to. She enters the seminar with Storm after promising her friend Viktoria a partnership with TargetCoach. Later, when Storm learns of the arrangement, he is baffled that Leya wants to keep her promise and berates her for such feelings. She also realizes the absurdity of such a judgmental stance in the high-stakes game they all play and resolutely excludes Viktoria.

When Yannick and Ravy's mother visits Leya and expresses her dismay at losing another son to gang violence. Leya tries to find a solution so that everyone can live. It fails miserably. She admits that if she hadn't convinced herself of such things. Ravy would be dead and Salim would still be alive. She is still hesitant to kill Ravy.

So she does to him what she can do very well. Negotiate a better deal with the man who pulls virtually all of Ravy's strings. In doing so, she frees TargetCoach from Ravy's control and gains Marko's protection. Turning the situation around completely, she takes some revenge on Salim, a man she had grown to love.

Snabba Cash Season 1: Explanation of the end! Future of Tim


At the end of Season 1 of Snabba Cash, Ravy forces Tim to take responsibility for Salim's death, warning him that the lives of his father and girlfriend will be in danger if he tells anyone the truth. it would be. As Tim is only 15, he will spend a year in the juvenile center before being released. Tim's initial fascination with the criminal underworld quickly wears off when he sees people dying during the pickup. For the first time in his life, he begins to reassess the decisions that led to such a horrific situation.

He also understands what Salim has trying to tell him all this time. He sincerely tries to leave the world of crime for good, but it turns out that the crime world is not done with him. Ravy thinks Tim is the one who told Dani about the pickup and decides to kill him. Terrified for his life, Tim lets out Leya's name and then watches Salim die in front of him. His life as a criminal is probably over. These experiences made him completely disillusioned.

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