While Season 10 of The Walking Dead has been available on OCS for a while and the latest bonus episodes are streaming in the US + 24, Netflix has just announced the news that all of its subscribers have been waiting for.

As a reminder, The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic horror series set in a world full of zombies. Developed by Franck Darabont and based on the comics by Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore. Season 10 of this hugely popular series features a recurring cast such as Danai Gurira (Michonne), Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier), and Christian Serratos (Rosita Espinosa), among others. Newcomers to the ensemble include Robert Patrick as Mays, Hilarie Burton as Lucille, Miles Mussenden, and Rodney Rowland. If you're wondering where you can catch the tenth season of "The Walking Dead", we've got you covered.


When The Walking Dead season 10 coming to Netflix?

Currently broadcast on OCS in US + 24, Netflix subscribers can be reassured? Their wait is coming to an end. Indeed, after a long wait, season 10 of The Walking Dead will be released on April 15, 2021, on Netflix.

What is The Walking Dead season 10 about?

In a world where humans are terrorized by zombies, Season 10 of The Walking Dead follows the survivors as they struggle to overcome any obstacles they encounter. The season begins after a few months of winter storms, the community remains tight and there is no sign of the Whisperers. However, this happiness does not last long as they discover a whisperer's mask by the ocean and skin in the nearby woods. The group is immediately alerted, and must now remain vigilant to deal with any danger that may arise.

The Walking Dead season 10 will be available to stream on Netflix from April 15, 2021.


  1. One month later and Walking Dead Season 10 still isn't on Netflix

    1. and one more month after that and it is still not on Netflix. WTF!


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