A Discovery of Witches Season 2: Explanation of the ending!


A Discovery of Witches is available on Syfy! If you want to know the explanation for the end of Season 2, read on! Not all TV series know exactly how many episodes they have to tell their story, and the fantasy drama A Discovery of Witches takes full advantage of this knowledge by pulling viewers into a season 2 that intentionally raises more questions than it does. answers.

Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont continued their quest for the Book of Life in the underworld of creatures of 16th-century Elizabethan London, and it's no surprise that there is plenty to unbox for the season finale. . Throughout the season, the actions of the main characters focus on acquiring the book, and while Diana and Matthew get the tome with relatively little effort, keeping it is a bit more of a problem. Nonetheless, seeing young Jack use his skills to retrieve the book from the hands of Lord Burghley's henchmen is deliciously subtle.

That said, it's easy to wonder why the duo decides to return the book to Dr. Dee when Diana hasn't really been able to read the contents. As she points out to Gallowglass, the book must remain in the 16th century for her to find it in the 21st. Ah, time travel. Before we continue, if you want to know when the third season will be released, read this. Otherwise, we tell you all about the explanation of the end of Season 2 of A Discovery of Witches!


At the end of Season 2 of A Discovery of Witches, Diana finds herself using her icebreaker to fend off attacks from a jealous Kit Marlowe and Louisa de Clermont. That, though, isn't the most volatile thing she does. Before she and Matthew return to the present, they must first go back in time. Diana sets up a clandestine meeting with Andrew Hubbard to ensure the safety of her adopted son in the 16th century and beyond. While Matthew wishes Jack to grow up on the Percy estate, Diana enlists Father Andrew's help by offering the vampire a drop of his blood.

Although they had in their possession the Ashmole 782, Diana's own time-traveling father, from when Diana was a child until the 16th century, Just in time to meet her adult daughter, she was persuaded to leave it in the past, as traveling with such a strong book was too risky.

Their meeting was bittersweet, as Diana couldn't tell her father what would happen to her in the future even though she and Matthew didn't seem so concerned about affecting the past and the future over the course of time. of their wanderings in Old England, which even brought them to interact with Queen Elizabeth I.

Diana, meanwhile, wants to make sure that Jack, the boy she and Matthew adopted, will be taken care of after they leave. Without telling Matthew, she went to Andrew and offered him a drop of his blood in exchange for his promise to protect Jack. This blood gave Andrew glimpses of Diana and Matthew's modern life, including a flash that shows them both walking through time. It might not have been one of Diana's best ideas, especially since Andrew was later stopped in the street by his father, a vampire named Benjamin who wanted to know everything about Diana.

Peter lured Em to a spiritual site near Seven Towers and observed her from the shadows as she revealed Rebecca, Diana's late mother. Realizing that Em had one of Ashmole's missing pages, Peter attacks her as she uses a spell to hide the page, then kills her.

Marcus uses his vampire speed to get out and confront Peter, but he is knocked unconscious and Peter runs away into the night. As the residents of Sept-Tours wake up with a start elsewhere, it appears vampire Domenico has discovered the identity of the rabid vampire, whom he suspects of having an unhealthy interest in Matthew and Diana.

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