Amazon Eero 6: routers are compatible with Apple Homekit

Users of Apple products will be happy to learn that the Amazon Eero 6, the firm's router, is finally compatible with Apple Homkit.

In the many routers that display the different homes, Amazon has made a good place for itself. The company recently designed the Amazon Eero 6, routers to improve the range as well as the intensity of wifi in homes or businesses. Although the latter has been incompatible with Apple devices since their beginnings, Amazon now puts the ball in the center and finally makes the Amazon Eero 6 compatible with Apple Homekit

Amazon Eero 6 feat Apple Homekit

It was through an update that Amazon silently introduced compatibility with Apple Homekit. An announcement that will finally allow router owners to use it with their Apple devices. Until now, this alliance between the two ecosystems was impossible. The Macrumors media outlet behind this announcement has also provided some crisp information for users.

Indeed, people who have the Amazon Eero 6 router and Apple devices at home will finally be able to secure their networks within their iPhone - or any other Apple device. This will allow you to run everything from the Homekit app and no longer have to go through a third-party app - Amazon's.

Amazon Eero 6: routers are compatible with Apple Homekit

6 Mesh wifi routers

While waiting for the update to roll out more in the world, know that the Amazon Eero 6 router is available at 149 $ for a single box that covers up to 140 square meters. If you want other routers, you will have to put your hand in your pocket, for example, the version with an additional repeater costs 239 $ and will cover 280 square meters. For much larger needs such as for businesses to cover an entire warehouse, note that a version with a router and two repeaters is available at $ 299. The latter will allow you to cover up to 460 square meters.

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