Army of the Dead: Explanation of the end of the Netflix movie!


Army of the Dead is out now on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation for the ending, read on! Zack Snyder is making a big comeback to the horror subgenre with the Netflix movie Army of the Dead. Zack Snyder directed and co-wrote Army of the Dead, which stars Dave Bautista, Garret Dillahunt, Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick, Raul Castillo, Tig Notaro, Theo Rossi, and Ana de la Reguera. The movie received excellent reviews and has everything viewers have come to expect from a ridiculously fun project filled with action and zombies.

The movie revolves around a group of human mercenaries who attempt to rob an abandoned casino in Las Vegas. The "sin city" is infested with zombies and the army tries to eliminate them, but it fails miserably. They, therefore, decide to destroy the city with a tactical nuclear strike. Meanwhile, our team of burglars visits a casino with a vault that contains $ 200 million. To learn all about the release of Army of the Dead 2, read this.

Although most of the group joined the mission for monetary reasons, some have a completely different agenda. Everything that happens in Army of the Dead leads to a violent and action-packed ending. Check out the explanation for the end of Army of the Dead on Netflix!


Lilly says she never figured out what exactly alpha zombies do, and the movie doesn't explicitly say so, but we have some clues. The first is that the people offered as a sacrifice are not immediately eaten or transformed by the zombies, but are brought to Zeus, the king of the zombies, to be transformed into alpha. This implies that he doesn't only want more zombies in general, but specifically more alphas.

The second is when we learn that the Queen of Zeus is pregnant. Its inclusion in the movie points to the idea that Zeus is intentionally building a zombie civilization. We can even assume that he will eventually form a veritable army and venture out into the world to conquer other civilizations and bring them under his control.


In Army of the Dead, Martin and the coyote Lily take another path out of the basement, but instead of letting her out with him, Martin closes the exit door, trapping the others in the basement. He happily informs Lily that all Tanaka cared about was getting the head of an alpha zombie, which Martin bagged earlier, as he can make money by creating other zombies.

However, Martin soon receives his punishment. As he flees down the hotel aisle, he checks the bag he stored the Queen's head in and discovers that Lily has replaced the head with a bill counting machine. The zombie tiger then attacks him and plays with him before killing him.

Martin is greedy and thirsty for power, so it's not shocking that once he gets what he wants, he doesn't hesitate to betray the whole team and try to leave them behind. , eager to collect the loot of the mission for himself alone. Ironically, this basic lack of human decency turns out to be his downfall.

Army of the Dead: Explanation of the end of the Netflix movie!


Here is the explanation for the end of Army of the Dead and who is doing it! Cummings is the first to fall, Lilly shoots him in the leg and leaves him as a sacrifice for the zombies. He was transformed into an alpha by Zeus and later killed by Kate. Chambers was next, after being abandoned by Martin in a building full of zombies, though she fought valiantly and took out dozens of undead with her. The others made it into the vault and seemed to be able to make it until they were betrayed and locked away by Martin. This decision was fatal to him, literally, when Martin was torn to pieces by a zombie tiger.

As for the others, Maria had her neck broken by zombies when they entered the bank vault. And Mikey blew himself up after being bitten while trying to escape, taking a large number of zombies with him. Dieter held on for a while but ultimately sacrificed himself to save Vanderohe. By locking him in the safe when he was overrun by zombies. Lilly created a diversion long enough for Ward and Peters to escape by helicopter. But she was rewarded for her trouble with a pole in the chest.

As for Ward, he is bitten by Zeus when the Zombie King leaps onto the helicopter. During their fight, Peters was hit in the shoulder, preventing him from flying. She does her best to keep flying, but between her injury and the aftermath of the nuclear explosion, the helicopter is too much for her to handle. She ends up crashing in the desert and is killed instantly. Geeta is also on the helicopter, but we never see her after the crash, which implies that she is probably dead.

Kate was the only one who got away with it relatively unscathed. Ward gives him the small pile of money he managed to keep, but he begins to transform into a zombie and is shot in the head by a tearful Kate, the last to stand. While this seems to conclude the action, there is one more point to be resolved: Vanderhoff. Apparently, the safe Vanderhofe was locked in survived the nuclear explosion, as he came out shortly thereafter with the money. He rents a private plane, but during the flight, he starts to feel bad.

He apologizes and goes to the bathroom, where he finds a zombie bite on his arm. As the plane begins its descent towards Mexico City, Vandehofe realizes he's on the verge of becoming a zombie - likely just in time to start infecting other people and making sure there is an opportunity for one. the aftermath of the Army of the Dead in Mexico City.


One special moment in Army of the Dead that's sure to get fans talking comes when Vanderohe and Ludwig work to hack Bly Tanaka's chest. In the hallway just outside, there are several decomposed corpses, but Vanderohe points out that they look strangely similar, down to their clothes.

He tells himself that maybe it is in fact them and that they are trapped in a never-ending cycle of violence and death. Director Zack Snyder shed some light on this idea in an interview.

He said: “This stuff, I think, is a fun concept and very much in the world. And the funny thing is, the zombies that we put there, those zombies who died as heroes, they're them, right? They are really the same, they wear the same clothes. When I was with the costume designer, she said, 'Oh, we're just going to put zombies on the floor. I told him, “No, it's them. And she's like, 'What do you mean, it's them?' And I say, I don’t know, how are they? It's up to you to tell me ”. It's always fun. "

It seems like this is a deliberate inclusion on Zack Snyder's part and not just a joke. It is therefore possible that we will see this common thread reappear in future Army of the Dead projects!

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