The colony is available on Netflix! If you'd like to know the explanation for the end of Colony Season 3, read on! Colony stars Sarah Wayne Callies J and osh Holloway and is set in a world where the planet is occupied by aliens the series takes place in a remote area of ​​Los Angeles. Where human forces working for the mysterious alien hosts strictly control the population.

The colony was created by Carlton Cuse and besides being a series of entertaining science fiction also attracts many disturbing parallels in the real world. The main characters, Will and Katie Bowman start the series trying to find his son lacks Charlie. Season 3 follows the family collected after volatile Los Angeles and finds refuge in an isolated cab. Of course, their peace is not long-lasting and season 3 sees the hosts for war with a new foreigner of foreigners called half, the fate of the planet who hangs in balance. 

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The colony has built a solid fanbase since its debut, but unfortunately, it was canceled after 3 seasons in 2018. This means that the season three finale is Colony's final episode, although it was by no means conceived. as a conclusive ending. This episode ends with many major cliffhangers too, with the host's enemies preparing to attack. Colony season 3 was also difficult for the Bowman family, as Charlie was shot in a previous episode.

Colony Season 3: Explanation of the end of the series!


Snyder implores Will to help him strike a deal that if 150 Outliers surrender, the Hosts will defend Seattle from any attack. Will is the first to volunteer to fight for the Hosts and soon that sad quota is filled, and a shield then prevents opposing alien forces from destroying the city. This episode of Colony also follows Katie in her search for her son Bram, who refuses to tell her where his sister Grace is and insists that she leave or he will deliver her.

If there's one bright spot about this ending of Colony Season 3, it's that it in a way means a fresh start for all of our characters. Each character found himself in a new situation. For Bram, he is no longer a child. He decided to be his own man and take care of Gracie. Will, of course, leaves his family to go fight with the RAP. We had all hoped for him to recover and become a father again, but we won't see him.

As for Katie, if she's not already dead, she's on her own. She has no children to protect and no husband to care for outside the wall. She's going to have to focus on her survival for a while. And then when she comes back, she won't have Will for a while.

For Broussard, he has finally accepted that he is a leader. With a little pressure from Amy, he took this step, and now he has an army under his command. At the same time, Snyder is a well-known position, but in a new situation. He is responsible for the Seattle colonial, but you encounter the threats of the inner army of trained murderers. He is also not sure that he can trust the RAPs and therefore has to face a war on two fronts.

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