Eden Season 1: Explanation of the end of the Netflix anime!


Eden is available on Netflix! Continue reading to find out what happened at the end of Season 1! Created by Justin Leach and an impressive lineup of international creators, Netflix's four-part miniseries Eden is a post-apocalyptic story that replaces Mad Max's grime with quirky robots and vibrant colors. To learn all about the Season 2 release, read this.

AI robots have become the dominant species on the planet, while humanity has all but disappeared. The story really begins when two agricultural robots - E92 and A37 - find a young girl named Sara and raise her in secret. As she grows up, Sara sets out to find other human survivors. But she is pursued by the dictator robot Zero, who wants at all costs to prevent this human from disrupting her perfect world. Check out the explanation for the end of Eden Season 1 on Netflix!


The fate of the cryogenic human race depends on Sara's ability to come up with a password to wake them out of their deep sleep. She also has a time limit, as the life support system must shut down within minutes of the anime's climax. A flashback reveals that Dr. Fields knew this password when he was still human, but that he deliberately chose not to reveal it to Geneva or Zurich, the artificial intelligence systems that protect the Eden bases, before adopting his new robotic identity.

After Sara escapes an encounter with Zero that nearly cost her her life and erased her parents' memories, the two clash for the last time on a larger scale, with Sara desperate to find out. the hidden knowledge of Zero.


Zero is the boss of Eden 3 and makes him Dr. Weston Fields. He was the one Zurich was referring to when the AI ​​mentioned “another remaining human”. Dr. Fields put his subconscious inside this robot, stripping it of the tiny bits of humanity that were left in it.

Fields wanted to create the perfect world and Project Eden was Dr. Fields' attempt to try to save mankind. But this scientist inevitably went mad, because of the death of his wife Ashley. Towards the end of Season 1 of Eden, Sara manages to reprogram Fields in some way, thanks to audio recordings and her own knowledge of the fact that he was once a human. Zero manages to tap into these memories and saves Sara's life, giving hers at the same time. In doing so, it also gives up the password.


Realizing that humanity must be given a second chance, Fields hands him the password. He asks Sara to smile for him before giving it to him. Sara repeats the three robot rules she heard at the outset of the season as she faces Zurich. As soon as Sara is finished, the 35,000 cryogenic capsules come out of the ground. When Sara opens one, she discovers a baby inside.

Season 1 of Eden ends with a new world in perspective, with E92 and A37 regressing to their previous forms after being reprogrammed by Zero. Their conversation echoes that of their first meeting with Sara. In a hopeful final twist, it is also revealed that Dr. Fields’s consciousness has been transferred to Emily, a move that may have seemed unworthy to her. Instead, he seems liberated in his new canine body, now able to frolic in the natural splendor he has dedicated his life to protecting, just as his daughter wanted.

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