Ghost Lab: Netflix Movie Ending Explanation!


Ghost Lab is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation for the ending, read on! Did we just see a ghost being tormented by a human? Ghost Lab is a horror film that overturns the paranormal found-footage trope and features a “ghost hunter” who does not want to leave his subject alone. When their obsessive ghost experience gets too extreme, two intrepid doctors must decide whether to go ahead or give up.

However, things got even more complicated because one of them died! Both a science project and a paranormal haunt, the film lives up to its name and looks like an interesting experiment in itself. We give you the explanation of the end of Ghost Lab on Netflix!


Wee has always been the most rational character in the film, with Gla being driven by emotion. Everything changes, however, when Wee's mother dies. Wee is forced to make a difficult decision regarding his mother's fate due to a shortage of oxygen to the brain. When she comes back to him one evening, muttering something inaudible that we will later learn to be "What are you two doing, honey?" This inspires Wee to search for his mother on the opposite side of the world.

It is only when he sees his mother again, speaking the same words, that he decides not to commit suicide. GLA, on the other hand, snatches the rifle and kills himself in the head in front of Wee.


At the end of Ghost Lab, we see Wee erase his research and recognize that sometimes things end badly, but also that they have all learned something. We then see Gla as a benevolent, smiling spirit on the beach of his childhood, holding a famous science journal with him and Wee on the cover. Wee's research, on the other hand, is rejected by the publisher in real life.

So did Gla kill himself for nothing? Even though Gla's mind eventually convinces Wee that they have learned something and therefore her death is not in vain. Gla Alive had a very different view of what he wanted to accomplish. Ever since he had caught a glimpse of his father's ghost as a young boy, he had been obsessed with seeing them. However, until Wee recommends killing himself, he does not regard death as a viable alternative for furthering the experiment.

At this point, Gla is in shock and feels guilty, for it was he who introduced a now suicidal Wee into her experience. The heavy burden of guilt, therefore, plays an important role in Gla's suicide. This is also suggested by the fact that he looks almost relieved when Wee is unable to kill himself and quickly picks up the gun and commits suicide.

Therefore, it is not only to continue her experiment but also to escape the guilt of seeing her friend kill himself that Gla quickly kills herself.

Ghost Lab: Netflix Movie Ending Explanation!


At the end of Ghost Lab, Wee hands Arj's laptop computer to Mai, where she reveals that she has been with Arj in her dreams. She explains that he was happy and that he held a copy of The Experiment, their work finally published. Even though the finale is sorrowful, the three major characters seemed to be at peace.

The ending of Ghost Lab shows how far people are willing to go if they care enough about a topic. Sadly, Wee and Arj, both passionate about their desire to prove that the afterlife exists, get lost in the process. Believing that their mission is more important than their own lives, it is only when they meet in the hereafter that they can understand their mistakes. As Arj is dead and cannot reverse his mistakes, he begs Wee to reconsider his actions and “live his life for both of us”.

At the end of Ghost Lab, we see the data from the Ghost Lab experiments erased by Wee. His phone, which contained footage of GLA's violence towards him, also appears to be burnt and destroyed the last time we saw him. While it looks like the Quest for the Northern Lights has officially ended, it's interesting that Wee sent his findings to the Science Journal. This means that at least one copy of the Ghost Lab's research still exists, and although it has not been published, it could see the light of day in the future and perhaps inspire someone to pursue them. experiences.

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