I Am All Girls is available on Netflix! Continue reading to find out how the ending was explained! I Am All Girls is a South African crime drama about two women who fight to bring down an international child trafficking union. In a gesture as powerful on the symbolic level as on that of the narration.

The approaches of the two protagonists to dismantle this sinister network are opposite. While Jodie is a cop, her partner and crusader against child trafficking is Ntombizonke, who moonlights as a masked serial killer. If you have any questions that are still unanswered, check out the explanation for the ending of I Am All Girls on Netflix!


Jodie realizes that her close friend Ntombi is the serial killer and takes her for a walk. Ntombi grows increasingly angry during the journey, knowing that Jodie understands the situation. However, they end up being attacked and their car overturns. Ntombi shoots both of the men who approach the vehicle. Jodie wakes up in the hospital. Her superiors worry and ask her what she was doing when she was in the car. They tell her that she is no longer an investigator.

Jodie has passed the stage of respecting the procedure and is trying to find Ntombi at his home. After viewing the videos stored by Ntombi, she learns that her close friend has been a victim of child sex trafficking by Gert de Jager. The motive is revenge against those who participate in these unions. Meanwhile, Ntombi tied up two men who are part of the union, and she tells them that her first name means “all girls”. Later, Jodie finds these two dead men with the victims' initials engraved on their bodies.

Unfazed, Jodie sneaks out of the hospital at night and returns home. She knows that Ntombi is a survivor after seeing the video recording of Gert de Jager that Ntombi left for her. She then notices a plane landing at the nearby airfield and realizes that the high-ranking minister, under whose orders Gert was working, is at this very moment in the process of making an illegal deal with the Arabs. Arendse, who has been following Jodie, confronts the minister and is assassinated by his men. Shortly after, Ntombi, who also participated in the shooting, was killed.

I Am All Girls: Explanation of the end of the Netflix movie!


Towards the end of I Am All Girls, we see a very different Jodie than the one we've seen throughout the movie. A cold-blooded hunter of human traffickers, she ambushes the minister in her house and kills him by engraving Ntombi's initials on her chest. Then, at the end of I Am All Girls, she is seen taking a flight to Iran to apprehend the men the minister was seen dealing with.

The ending of I Am All Girls shows how the authorities played with ignorance for the “common good”. They've settled for the lesser of two evils. In addition, the movie frequently suggests that the authorities are critically short of funds, especially to fight sex trafficking. Likely, Ntombi and Jodie's actions were secretly accepted rather than procedurally criminalized.

The end of I Am All Girls strongly suggests that the baton has been passed. Jodie will now take over and continue Ntombi's work, which is what the movie is aiming for.

It is interesting to note how immediately after becoming a vigilante Jodie broadened the scope of the fight against child traffickers by traveling to Iran to hunt down the minister’s Arab associates, who are seen taking delivery of young girls. While Ntombi only killed those in South Africa, Jodie took the fight to the international stage, which matches the true scale of the human trafficking scourge. It remains to be seen how successful she will be in this fight.

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