Money Heist: the trailer for season 5 is here, and it will be heavy

The Money Heist season 5 trailer is finally available! A season that will finally unravel all the mystery of the previous seasons!

Season 5 of Money Heist is finally available! This season will finally lift the veil on the intrigues of the previous seasons with breathtaking scenes! You will have to wait until September 3, 2021, to see the first part and December 3, 2021, to see the second part of the season. A choice that will disappoint many fans of the series.

Money Heist: season 5 | Date Announcement | Netflix

A season 5 of Money Heist that announces memorable action scenes

The atmosphere of the trailer is set! It will be a question of freeing oneself from all this commotion without being killed. The music is sublime and brilliantly accompanies the scenes. Now several questions remain unanswered, will the teacher be able to return to the game? Will his acolytes remain alive after this wave of gunfire between the police?

The foot of a protagonist breaks with his foot the mask of Dali, emblematic of the series, will it be a sign of failure? Of the end of a reign? Could it be that our group is crossing all the limits imposed by the professor in order to save her? Should we see the end of this mythical couple between Ursula and Miguel? In any case, we will be able to find our favorite criminals from September 3, 2021 (1st part) and December 3 (2nd part) on Netflix! So, are you ready?

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