Oxygen is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation for the ending, read on! Alexandre Aja's movie Oxygen uses a unique location to tell the story of Elizabeth Hansen, an amnesiac locked in a cryogenic chamber, who survives on a diminishing supply of oxygen. With little outside help, Hansen must attempt to escape the chamber or increase his oxygen level to stay alive.

A strange proposition without memories to convince you that your life is of immeasurable value. A terrifying situation combined with a splendid and expressive performance by Laurent makes Netflix's latest thriller worth watching, especially with Aja at the helm. Still, it becomes more difficult to understand Elizabeth Hansen's story throughout Oxygen, despite various details leaking out as the plot progresses. Check out the explanation for the end of Oxygen on Netflix!

Oxygen: Explanation of the end of the Netflix movie!


The older woman soon calls Elizabeth back and tells her that something went wrong and that she immediately knew who she was. She agrees to help Elizabeth and gives her the codes to open the capsule, but begs her not to open it because Elizabeth would die. Turns out Elizabeth isn't in a cryogenic capsule in a hospital, she's in space.

Elizabeth is currently 42,735 miles from Earth and has been put into hypersleep to “complete your mission”. Something went wrong to wake Elizabeth up and they can't get her home. But the elderly woman says she designed the system, so she hopes to help Elizabeth fix things back to hyper-sleep.

Its mission was to colonize a planet orbiting “Wolf 10-61” which is 14 light-years from Earth. It turns out that Earth has been hit by a virus that has claimed millions of lives and that "the human race will be extinct in two generations." Elizabeth has apparently been hyper-sleepy for 12 years, but her oxygen supply is only 12%, so she needs to quickly return to hyper-sleep. If it drops below 2%, it cannot be revived when it arrives at its destination.

The elderly woman helps Elizabeth repair the capsule when the military arrives at her house and cuts her off. Before she is cut off, she is told to "find Leo" to activate her memory and save herself. Her oxygen decreasing to 5%, Elizabeth decides to unlock the capsule to die quickly in space. However, just before the capsule is unlocked, she has a flash of Leo in a capsule similar to hers and undoes the unlock. She asks MILO how many pods there are and it turns out hers is just one of the 10,000 currently in space.

There's a whole colony of capsules on their way to the new planet, but an asteroid has struck the transport. Which destroyed 267 of them, while Elizabeth awoke from the collision. Leo's capsule survived and when she asks MILO to see Leo, Elizabeth discovers that her face does not have the scar she saw in her flashbacks.

The surprise comes in the third act when Hansen realizes that she is not the original Elizabeth Hansen at all. She is a clone of herself, floating to a new planet, designed to accommodate the repopulated human race. Due to several factors, many of which are familiar to us. She embarks on a quest with a clone of her husband and hundreds of other clones to find a new home and a second chance at life before dying of old age.

A sci-fi shock that ends up making a lot of sense, the end of Oxygen leaves us with more than a hint of hope, as Laurent reconnects his infusions in a painful sequence, with needles, while he does not. Only a few minutes of oxygen remains in its capsule. She directs oxygen from another person's chamber, who unfortunately did not survive the long trip into space.

After re-cocooning and going into super sleep, Aja gives us a glimpse of this new planet, a magnificent destination to restart a species. Standing above ashore with her husband, Hansen appears to be in great shape, despite the trauma she has suffered and which does not appear in these final moments.

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