Synchronic: Explanation of the end in detail! Steve's fate etc.


Synchronic follows two best friends Steve and Dennis. They are both paramedics who also work together. While Dennis married at a young age, Steve is single, and entering into a relationship is foreign to him. Dennis has two children, both of them are 18 years old. Recently Steve and Dennis have answered numerous 911 calls involving the same thing.

This is a new designer drug on the market called “Synchronic”. Meanwhile, Steve faces a heartbreaking diagnosis. The doctor diagnoses him with a brain tumor on the pineal gland. The doctor also mentions that Steve's pineal gland looks more like a teenager's than an adult's. This fact will be factored into the plot later in the film. Steve and Dennis receive another 911 call involving drugs. This time, a Synchronic drug pack was found with a group of teenagers.

It turns out that one of the teenagers is Brianna, Dennis’s 18-year-old daughter, and she's missing. An angry Steve goes to the local drug store and buys all of Synchronic's stock. In the store, a man tries and begs Steve not to buy it, but Steve refuses. The man then follows Steve to his home and tells him that he was the one who created the drugs. He tells Steve that he created a drug similar to DMT, using a flower that grows in the California desert.

He then tells her that the drug allows the user to experience time as it is. It allows the user to travel through time because it acts as a needle on the record that is time. Teenagers, on the other hand, may become permanently trapped in time due to their underdeveloped pineal glands. We tell you all about the end of Synchronic!


At the end of Synchronic, Steve has only two pills left to find Brianna, but he doesn't know exactly where she was when she disappeared. Steve shows Dennis the tapes he made, and the two teams up to try to find her. Steve and Dennis realize that Brianna has left them a message in the past telling them where to look for her. An engraving on a rock near the river that says “Always”, a rock Brianna was sitting on earlier in the movie. “Always” was the last thing Dennis said to Brianna, he said.

Steve takes the medication while sitting on this rock. He finds himself in a war zone, with raging fires and exploding cannons, presumably during the American Civil War. He finds Brianna in a trench full of corpses. She's confused as to how Steve found her; she doesn't know of any messages. Steve gives Brianna the last Synchronic pill to return to the present.

He could have walked away with her if they had hit each other, but at the last moment, they were confronted by a Confederate soldier. Steve defuses the situation but misses the moment to look back and finds himself stuck in the past. However, as we have seen with Hawking, Steve appears as a twinkle and can say goodbye to Dennis with a handshake.

Synchronic: Explanation of the end in detail! Steve's fate etc.


Steve and Dennis shake hands before Steve faints into oblivion. Synchronic ends immediately after Steve disappears. Although his fate is never made clear, the film strongly suggests that he is stuck in the past. Not only does he have aggressive cancer, but he's also a black man stuck in the days of slavery. Unfortunately, this implies Steve will most likely not last as long as he has in the past.

But, in his opinion, the cost was justified. Dennis was like a family to Steve because he never had a wife or children of his own. Making sure his broken family was reunited was more important to Steve than saving himself. So even though the mission ultimately cost Steve his life, it was worth it for him.


As this location had significance for Steve during the Synchronic, he is the most likely candidate for the Sculptor. But in the end, it doesn't matter who the sculptor is, that's the message behind that word. Synchronic directors Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson explained that the specific message on the rock appeared in Synchronic by pure coincidence. The duo always knew a message would be engraved on the rock.

The message represents the fluid way in which time evolves. Synchronic deals with the endless possibilities that time offers, as specifically shown by the way Steve easily moves through time. As soon as someone gets past the idea that time moves linearly, the world opens up to endless possibilities - anything is possible.

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