If you don't plan on putting more than $ 50 into a wireless gaming keyboard, the Klim Light V2 could be a good investment.

[Test] Klim Light V2: a wireless keyboard that gets straight to the point

It's been almost two weeks since we tried the Klim Light V2, a wireless gaming keyboard that has fulfilled all its tasks like any keyboard. The latter will meet all your needs for office, multimedia, and gaming - at the same time, it is designed for PC gamers. If you're saving up to buy a more expensive Razer keyboard like the Ornata V2, stop for a few seconds and come read our review of the Klim Light V2. A wireless gaming keyboard that will not leave you indifferent.

A design and ergonomics that is good for the Klim Light V2

From the unboxing of the Klim Light V2, the body of this wireless keyboard captivated us. We have in our hands a very robust keyboard. Plastics do not crack under the weight of our keystrokes, and when handled. The Klim logo will be found above the directional keys. By the way, Klim's Light V2 is complete, so you will find a numeric keypad on the right side of the latter.

As for the design of the keys, we liked that they fell naturally under the fingers. This has allowed us to get out of many complicated in-game situations against the enemy. The keys themselves don't have a typical profile - at the same time, it's a keyboard that sells for around 50 $. The height of the Klim Light V2 without the engaged feet at the back is perfect - for us, but that might not be the case for you. If that happens, there is always the option of elevating it using the rear feet. On the lower part of the back, we find glides to prevent the keyboard from slipping during use.

A very correct typing stroke for a wireless keyboard at 50 $

To play for a few minutes, the Klim Light V2 is pleasant, the membrane keys are pleasant, waterproof, and strangely responsive. Unless you're picky about typing, the wireless keyboard will be more than enough. Besides, the keys are silent, so you can spam the keys without worrying about disturbing those close to you or the people next to you.

For office and multimedia, the Klim Light V2 will do well with classic multimedia keys to lower the sound quickly, for example. On the office side, the wireless keyboard responds to all the uses you will have to do. On top of that, the Klim Light V2 is compatible with TVs, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series, and Macs - a wireless keyboard that's very versatile in design and use. You will come with a USB dongle to connect the keyboard to the device you want. The latter is very important, it will not be possible to use the Light V2 without it. Another point that is regrettable, with the advent of computers equipped only with USB-C ports, the keyboard will be unusable unless you buy an adapter.

[Test] Klim Light V2: a wireless keyboard that gets straight to the point

RGB backlighting typical of a gaming keyboard that favors the battery

A gaming keyboard that doesn't have RGB backlighting doesn't? This is true, even though we don't carry that kind of backlighting in our hearts. For our part, we always favor sober keyboards with at least a white backlight to play quietly in the evening.

Nonetheless, the Klim Light V2 particularly tickled our hearts with simple backlighting - albeit RGB. At the same time, that's Klim's hallmark, remember our review of the Klim Ultimate? We were treated to the rainbow mode typical of other gaming keyboards.

On the one hand, this is a great thing, because it indirectly favors the battery. The Klim Light V2 has a battery life of thirty hours - depending on how you use the keyboard. When you are not using the wireless gaming keyboard, the wireless gaming keyboard will automatically go to sleep to conserve battery power.

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