Deezer becomes the second platform to allow Apple Watch users to download their own music and headphones offline.

The Deezer app on the Apple Watch lets you listen to music even offline

Deezer has just updated its dedicated Apple Watch application to provide fixes and new features to improve the user experience. Indeed, the company has just announced through a blog post that Apple Watch users will now be able to access their favorite songs offline.

Listen to your music on Deezer without needing a connection

This is a feature that many users have been waiting for for a long time. As a reminder, until now, you could simply control the music from the app. Deezer, therefore, reworked some features of the app for Apple Watch to make it accessible - which was reserved for Apple Music and Pandora.

Spotify had integrated a feature halfway. You can download music to the Apple Watch, but the Apple Watch must always be connected to a wifi or cellular network to play music - which is not the case for watches connected with Wear OS. It’s strange that the company has a feature built into one operating system and not another ...

Download and listen to your music without having an iPhone

Users who are therefore subscribed to the Deezer music streaming platform will be able to download the playlists - as well as those they have created. Once the music is downloaded to Apple Watch, they can unload their iPhone and go to sports or any other activity that does not require a phone.

However, Deezer said in his blog post that the feature is currently only available on the Apple Watch Series 6. Also, be sure to check the storage of your Apple Watch.

In the meantime, this feature follows the latest update dedicated to integrating and enhancing Deezer on Apple HomePods. People can now control the music using Siri and set Deezer as their default streaming service.

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