The Strange House is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation for the ending, read on! It's harder than you think to find solid, family-friendly horror movies. The Strange House, an Austrian horror film currently airing on Netflix, courageously tackles this problem and tells a story that will send chills to the young and old alike.

When Sabine and her two sons Hendrik and Eddi leave Germany to settle in a small village in Austria. It looks like they have the opportunity to make a fresh start. Although teenager Hendrik isn't too happy to leave his friends behind. He changes his mind a bit and begins to try to adjust to their new life. Eddi begins to sleepwalk and engrave things on the wall, the family photos disappear from their place on the wall and are replaced by photos of the family who lived there before.

They soon learn that the house has been haunted since a mother poisoned her two sons with mushrooms before taking her own life. With the help of their new friends Fritz and Ida. Hendrik and Eddi try to uncover the secrets of the house, the boys who lost their lives, and how they could free this place from its dark history. If you have any questions regarding the ending of The Strange House on Netflix, we've got it covered!

The Strange House: Explanation of the end of the Netflix movie!


At the end of The Strange House, Hendrik believes he has found the murderer and hides in their car after checking a license plate. He sends a message to Ida and Fritz, who are at a party. When the car stops, Hendrik walks into the Röckls house, and he looks around. Suddenly he finds himself face to face with real estate agent Mr. Röckl and his mother.

Hendrik escapes and finds Ida. He tells her he was at Röckl's and explains that Mr. Röckl's mother was having an affair with Mr. Polzmann, then he shows love letters he found. This means that Mr. Röckl is the illegitimate son of Mr. Polzmann.

But it doesn't end there, as Mr. Röckl chases Hendrick and Ida through the woods until they reach some caves. Mr. Röckl follows them inside. Unable to deal with the surroundings, Hendrik and Ida tumble further into the cave, and Hendrik drops his phone. He is trapped and unable to move, and Mr. Röckl cruelly picks up the phone so he cannot call for help. With the water rising in the cave, Ida realizes she must leave to get help for Hendrik.

On his way home, Mr. Röckl finds Sabine and Fritz outside his house, and he is soon cornered by the police. Ida runs to the group and tells them that Hendrik is trapped in a cave. Fortunately, his mother knows a lot about caves. Hendrik is therefore saved. Then a possessed Eddie walks over to the police car and says "that was you" to Mrs. Röckl. Her son tells her to shut up as she continues to admit that she is the murderer. She explains that she intended to poison Ms. Polzmann, not the children.

At the end of The Strange House, it is understood that Mrs. Röckl is the murderer of the Polzmann family, and it appears that her son was simply trying to protect her after she sought revenge.

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