This Is Us Season 5: End Explanation In Details!


This Is Us is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know all about the explanation for the end of Season 5, read on! The This Is Us Season 5 finale, like so many other major episodes, ended in a surprise twist. For longtime viewers of the NBC series, it shouldn't have been too surprising that the episode that was supposed to focus on the marriage of Kevin and Madison, the mother of his twins, didn't end with the duo walking down the aisle.

Instead, another Pearson sibling gets married. The opening scene where we see Kevin rehearsing wedding jokes in formal wear does not take place in the present. But five years later, during her twin sister Kate's second marriage to her boss, Phillip. To learn all about Season 6, read this.

Indeed, not only will Kate and Toby divorce, but she will also begin a romance with her superior at the school where she teaches. Kate and Toby's marital problems have been long publicized, and the fact that Toby accepts a new job in San Francisco while Kate stays in Los Angeles marks the beginning of the end of their relationship. The future lover is certainly surprising. We tell you all about the end of Season 5 of This Is Us!


The madness begins when the entire Pearson clan arrives at the ceremony site with new challenges to overcome. Kevin does his best to resolve the issues on the fly when he learns that the ark Madison made for the ceremony has been damaged, leaving the groomsmen to build a new one.

During this onslaught, Rebecca wants to learn more about Randall's enlightening trip to New Orleans, where he got to know his birth mother. But the sight of Laurel brings tears to Rebecca's eyes and the conversation doesn't go far until Randall needs to help Kevin by taking a tour of The Home Depot.

While the new altar is being built, Uncle Nicky's gift, two Adirondack chairs, arrives, and a barrage of new questions stresses Kevin so much that he has to walk away. Meanwhile, Beth helps Tess transform her bridesmaid dress for the ceremony when she admits that the original dress makes her uncomfortable. Tess takes the opportunity to thank her mother and apologize for not being warmer to her last year.

As Kevin takes time for himself and Madison prepares, Randall must resume his conversation with Rebecca. She admits she never explained the reasons why she didn't make Randall's biological parents more of a part of her life. She says she rationalized the situation time and time again and should have done better.

When Kate breaks her trance, Madison covers up by saying her wishes aren't ready instead of admitting that she conflicts. The comparison to her relationship with Kevin is obvious at this point, as she wonders if their love is the same kind of concession she has made with her relationships in the past. As if to prove this point, another flashback to Madison's more recent past includes a day when her boyfriend David broke up with her, claiming that he was not as enamored of her as she was of him.

Having grown more mature, Madison realizes she deserves the love she never thought she had, and being with Kevin made her realize that. So she goes to Kevin's room and asks him if he loves her, not their family, but just her and finally it is clear that Kevin is more in love with the idea of ​​their family than with her alone and she decides to annul the marriage amicably.


Sad at the implosion of the marriage, Kevin asks his mother and siblings for support, and Rebecca gives her son a huge task. She asks Kevin to build the house Jack has always planned to build for their family. Of course, this is the house that viewers saw in the flash-forward scenes. Which means Kevin is accomplishing his goal. Meanwhile, Already is having a hard time when she learns, during a Zoom with Malik, that he has been accepted into four major universities in Pennsylvania as well as Harvard in Boston. Could this damage the young couple's relationship?

We won't know until Season 6 of This Is Us, but a flash-forward streak shortly portends changes on the horizon. In the first moments of the series, Kevin appears to be rehearsing a speech in a wedding tuxedo, but it turns out that it is not his wedding but… Kate's! Uncle Nicky rushes over and comments on making his wife happy no matter who she is. Madison pushes Kevin out of the bridal suite where Kate is happier than ever in a gorgeous gown, and none other than Phillip pokes her head out of one of the hallway bedrooms.

Kevin then asks if he can play a joke at his brother-in-law's expense, revealing that the once indifferent coworker is Kate's future husband. Meanwhile, Kevin also compliments Randall vaguely hinting at Pearson's success in politics. It seems like almost everything that has been put together in this finale has been the plan for a long time, and we're about to finally see what kind of trees are going to grow from all the seeds that the team at This Is Us. They planted.

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