Those Who Wish Me Dead: Explanation of the end of the movie!


The ending of Those Who Wish Me Dead by Taylor Sheridan is intentionally vague as to the reason for all these murders. But when a team of reporters approaches the young boy, played by Finn Little. It becomes evident that he is going to tell a story that many of the shadow people wanted to keep hidden.

Angelina Jolie plays Hannah, a paratrooper who protects a boy whose father was murdered to obtain precious government secrets. Angelina Jolie must escape a fire that spreads through the woods of Montana, lightning, and two assassins in an attempt to save her life and that of young Connor. Jon Bernthal joins the group as sheriff, hoping to keep the peace.

As the fire escalates towards the end of Those Who Wish Me Dead, Hannah must decide to run away, to save Connor, or to find a way to save them both. Stung by flashbacks of a fatal decision in battling a previous fire. Hannah must traverse the forest, constantly staying out of the reach of her natural and human captors.

So what is this story and why have so many people had to die for it? The precise specifics are kept secret, but there are enough contextual hints in the movie's overall structure to get a pretty good idea of why so many people are dying.

Those Who Wish Me Dead: Explanation of the end


There is some ambiguity in the movie about Jack and Patrick's employer. Both assassins are professionals and excellent at their jobs. Tyler Perry's character, Arthur, is probably running the whole operation. The movie offers a brief glimpse of the people pulling the strings in the shadows. As they leave Florida for Montana, Owen talks to Connor about his job. He says the case he was dealing with before his boss disappeared involves some of America's most powerful people.

These people have a lot to lose if their indiscretions become public. So, as might be expected, as soon as they learn of the existence of the investigation, they send out some very capable assassins to kill those who lead it. However, as he and Connor make their journey, he increasingly realizes that he is unlikely to survive this ordeal. So he gives these notes to his son. And before he dies, he attracts the attention of his killers, so that his son can escape. After Jack and Patrick are killed and the fire has gone out, Hannah waits with Connor for the arrival of the US Marshals and a team of reporters.


Yes, Ethan is dead. He was hit several times when Jack and Patrick shot the watchtower. Although he wears a bulletproof vest, it is not enough. After killing Jack, Allison reunites with Ethan. He urges her to leave to save herself and their unborn daughter. The next morning, the firefighters find them. Allison is still alive. When one of them requests a medevac to take Ethan to the hospital, Allison tells them there is no emergency, suggesting that Ethan has died overnight.

Those Who Wish Me Dead: Explanation of the end


At the end of Those Who Wish Me Dead, Patrick Blackwell follows Hannah and Finn into the fire. She told the boy to head for a river, holding his breath from the smoke from the fire. Instead, he stays behind, and together they team up too fatally wound Patrick with an ax and a little help from the looming fire. They run to the river and jump in, lying on their backs and breathing in the outside air as little as possible. And they survive!

The next morning, Finn has the opportunity to speak to reporters to share his father's secrets, implicating government officials and others in some sort of scandal. Hannah looks at Finn like she's ready to adopt him, or at least find him a home where she can still be a part of his life. The fire has stopped, and the Montana forest is calm. Most likely, Hannah will return to fight fires, jump planes, and joke about parachutes, all while saving lives.

When everything calmed down, Connor could start living with her. That way, Hannah will continue to be a part of her life. As he grows up, he will be able to use all the survival and camping tips he learned from Hannah. His life seems to have been riddled with tragedies. The small town hidden in the Montana wilds could help him find happiness.

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