On the occasion of WWDC 2021, Apple unveiled new features that will soon be available for AirPods, AirPods Pro as well as AirPods Max.

Apple brings several new features to AirPods, AirPods Pro and Max

Apple followers already know, for others it’s time to remember that Apple’s annual WWDC 2021 conference kicked off on Monday. And a lot of announcements have already been made. For AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max users, new features will emerge as part of iOS 15.

Voice notifications and geolocation for AirPods

Much like what Google Assistant can do on headsets and earphones, Apple’s new update will let your AirPods let you know when you need it. Of course, this functionality will be modifiable, you will be able to choose the applications capable of notifying via Siri or even to decide to establish periods during which your headphones will not be able to send you notifications. Rather good news if you want to immerse yourself completely in your favorite music tracks or even in a series without having parasites that would distract you.

Two new features should also emerge. AirPods will be able to take advantage of the locate application like AirTags, so they will be easier to find. In addition, the precise guidance system will be added in addition to the functionality to make them ring. And if that wasn't enough, there is a feature in the app that will let you know when you step away from your headphones. Something to reassure those who misplace their AirPods.

AirPods Pro, an innovation for the hearing impaired

The Conversation boost innovation will soon be available on AirPods Pro. This is the name Apple gave to its new functionality to help people with hearing loss. This will allow the hearing impaired to use the microphones of their headphones to focus on the voice of the other party. Note that this function can be used at the same time as ambient noise reduction in order to eliminate unwanted noise.

Spatial 3D audio compatible on new devices

As 9to5mac reports, Apple's AirPods Max headset is also new. The compatibility of the 3D spatial audio function will be extended to other devices. This will be available on tvOS as well as on macOS and Apple M1 computers.

What about the future of AirPods?

Many new features have been announced by Apple regarding its headphones and headphones ecosystem. Announcements that come a few months before the future AirPods 3 make their appearances and on which Apple has not yet communicated. We can still expect several changes from the current Pro models, a new case, shorter rods, or a new intra-tubular design. And you, what changes would you like to see on the next AirPods Pro?

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