Apple is improving the user experience of its iMessage messaging service and also incorporating other elements so that users can better organize their iPhones.

Apple iMessage: a new feature to simplify the user experience

"Share With You", the new feature presented by Apple at WWDC 2021 will simplify searches for content such as photos shared on iMessage. The conference is not over yet, it will be spread over several days where we can learn more about it.

A smoother and more enjoyable user experience on iMessage

The idea of ​​the American firm is to make the experience on iMessage much more pleasant. This new "Share With You" contribution is a new section of the app. The principle of this is to group the different content that you have exchanged with your interlocutor.

A more efficient and easier to access organization is therefore being put in place thanks to the functionality that will land on iMessage. Thus, each media, photo, video, or even link will be grouped in a dedicated section within share with you, accompanied by the date and their recipient. This new feature will not be available only for photos or videos, Share With You will work the same for music and articles.

New interface for photo galleries

A new format called "collage" was also unveiled by Apple and allows you to superimpose the photos sent or to organize them to scroll them. It is in a competitive rationale that Apple is bringing novelty and freshness to its messaging service so as not to be left behind by other applications. New features that, let's remember, are coming out as part of the iOS 15 update.

In the meantime, Apple is expected to turn the corner on future updates to iOS 15, iPad, watchOS, and macOS. HomePod mini users can enjoy a home theater at home with Apple TV. Plus, new features in AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max make your mouth water. Have you been able to test the Lossless on Apple Music?

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