By forming the Web Extensions Community Group, the giants will work for hand in hand to improve the compatibility of extensions in internet browsers.

Apple, Microsoft, Google and Mozilla unite to improve extension compatibility

You will not have missed it, Internet browser extensions are not always available depending on the browser you are using. This is because not all browsers are built using the same platform. Even when developers create extensions for several types of browsers, updates to them can cause problems in using the extension. According to the W3C news outlet, this would soon be a thing of the past thanks to the collaboration between several well-known international companies.

The Web Extensions Community Group project is born

This is why these four giants that are Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla have decided to form the Web Extensions Community Group (WECG), a group aiming to work on the compatibility of extensions between different browsers and to facilitate the creation of extensions for developers.

To achieve this, participating web browser vendors want to identify common ground to bring implementations closer together and chart a course for future evolution. This evolution will require a coherent model of functionalities, APIs, and permissions. However, as the W3C blog post clarifies, the goal is by no means to specify, standardize or coordinate the signing or delivery of extensions. Indeed, each browser will continue to be independent in how it manages its catalog of extensions.

A necessary collaboration to facilitate the development of extensions

If all goes well, extension developers should soon find it easier to port their product to Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Especially since according to the W3 charter, developers should see development time considerably reduced since they will be able to extend their network without having to rewrite their product each time. So which browser extensions did you download first?

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