Black Summer Season 2: Netflix Series Ending Explained


Black Summer is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation for the end of Season 2, read this! Netflix's zombie action-survival series Black Summer made a distinct mark on the genre when its narratively minimalist and visceral first season launched in 2019. The second season of the series premiered on June 17 and was shown once. plus it's one of the most ruthless post-apocalyptic series around. In Season 2, no character is immune and no happy ending is guaranteed.

At the start of the season, Rose and her daughter Anna are separated from their companions Sun and Spears after a violent altercation with a group of well-armed militiamen. Spears is shot and abandoned, while Sun is kidnapped and held captive. If you want to know all about the Season 3 release, read this.

Their stories intersect sporadically throughout the season, as the militia, led by a man named Ray, battles other groups in the area. Rose and Anna must fend for themselves and try to avoid being caught in the crossfire while looking for a safe place to rest in the wintery nature. But it wasn't until the very end of Black Summer Season 2 that the original crew finally found their way back to each other. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly a happy reunion. Check out the full explanation of the Black Summer Season 2 ending!


Ironically, Sun is also a hostage. She was being kept as a slave by the Nazeri Tribe as they wanted Sun to take them away for resources, but some of Nazeri's men turned on him to form this new team. Unfortunately, one of the men is infected after trying to shoot the walking dead outside. He rushes into the hangar and starts attacking everyone.

This leads to a bloodbath, Rose, Sun, and Anna escape and lock up all the others. Rose shoots the gas tank of a nearby truck. The explosion causes a broken leg as the plane arrives. Rose holds a gun to her head and makes it clear to Sun and Anna that she will kill themselves if they don't get on board. She will only slow them down, and she would rather die than transform. They leave it behind and Sun slips aboard the plane as a horde pursues them. Anna is unable to abandon her mother and must retrace her ways.

She finds Nazeri and Rose aim at each other with weapons and pulls to a stop in a truck next to them. Anna looks at them, wondering if she should take them with her, which fits the dark theme of the show. Rose has taught her not to abandon people when times are tough, so Anna thinks about what to do when the plane takes off.


The last survivors, Sun and Anna, reach the plane. Sun begs Anna to come aboard, but she hesitates and the zombies catch up with her. She flees as Sun walks inside, and the plane's door closes and flies away. Sun has managed to board. She's free.

For his part, Mance manages to escape, exhausted, enjoying the fresh air and the sunset, and he kills another zombie. The “Departure” title screen appears. Rose didn't kill herself as the first episode implied, and Ray crawls nearby, pointing his gun at her. She notices her daughter Anna to her right. Mother and daughter stare at each other as a Wild West situation unfolds, Ray and Rose pointing their guns at each other as a nuclear deterrent.

Anna runs to a car and turns it on. Ray finally puts down his gun, so Rose lies down and rests. We're aboard the plane with Sun when the title screen "The Pilot" displays. From the cockpit, the pilot speaks to Sun in Korean. She is surprised that the pilot speaks a little Korean, and she is overwhelmed with happiness that she can finally talk to someone. Sun asks about the others, but he tells her that all that matters is what lies ahead. Before falling asleep, she chuckles and glances out the window.

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