Artificial Intelligence, which manages the opening of the doors of Canon's offices in China, accepts to let in only smiling employees.

Canon: the AI that only lets smiling employees into its Chinese offices

In its Chinese offices, Canon came up with the idea of ​​installing cameras equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) -based "smile recognition" technology. In other words, the cameras will only let in smiling employees.

Smile to enter the Canon offices in China!

In its China-based offices, Canon has placed several security cameras with technology based on facial recognition. The equipment has been designed by professionals to let in only smiling employees.

To access the offices, the employee must smile in front of the security camera. To gain access, an algorithm must analyze his smile well to know if it is really happy. If this is the case, the employee enters the offices.

According to information published by the world press, Chinese companies monitor their teams based on AI. They monitor what they do on their computers, what they eat during their lunch break, their movements outside of the office, etc.

According to Canon, this technology aims to "encourage employees to create a positive atmosphere." However, pros say it's hard to know what advantage Canon is getting from this decision.

Monitoring tools are becoming mainstream

In recent years, workplace monitoring tools have become quite common. Companies around the world are implementing security devices in their offices to monitor employees and increase their productivity.

For example, the e-commerce giant Amazon uses algorithms to rank the productivity of employees who work in warehouses. Those who fail to achieve the desired goals are subsequently fired. In any case, AI or artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important in society, whether in individuals and businesses.

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