Elite Season 4: Explanation of the end! Who attacked Ari?


Elite is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation for the end of Season 4, read on! It's crowded and it seems to be the case with sultry new school girl Ari Commerford, the daughter of Elite Season 4's new principal. While Ari's first sight on Guzman Nunier, the equation he has with his girlfriend Nadia Shana leads him to notice Samuel García and vice versa. For the Instagram of all the actors and actresses from Season 4, read this.

By the time Guzman separates from Nadia for good and is free to explore a relationship with Ari, it seems his attraction to Samuel has already set in. The love triangle then becomes messy, with Guzman becoming more and more territorial and Samuel withdrawing more and more, frustrating Ari with his inability to fight for her. Things take a turn for the worse when Guzman finds out that Ari is sleeping with Samuel behind his back, but Ari is still unable to choose between the two. For the explanation of the end of Elite Season 4, read on!


After a tense conversation with Ari, Rebe sees Armando attacking Mencia. Rebe in turn attacks to save Mencia. From a distance, Ari observes and has confirmation that Rebe's claims about Armando are true. Confronting the latter, Ari tells him that she is going to tell her father everything. Before Ari gets a chance, Armando hits her. Amando continues to strike her as she crawls away. Guzman and Samuel are fighting at the same moment. To find out when Season 5 will be released, read this.

Guzman finds Ari barely conscious, who asks him to pursue Armando. She gets up, and when she goes to get her phone, she collapses in the water. Guzman follows Armando, who attacks him. Before Armando can escape, Guzman grabs a distress pistol and kills him. Guzman returns to Ari, but unaware that she is in the water, he looks for her elsewhere.

Guzman collapses asking Samuel and Rebe if they saw Ari. He tells Samuel and Rebe what happened. They agree to call the police but manage not to inform them of all the details. In the hospital, with Ari fully conscious, Guzman concludes that Ari loves Samuel but lies about Armando's death. Instead, Instead, he claims that he has fled.

On New Year's Eve, Rebe tells Ari about everything Mencía has done to try to save her, and they see Mencía fighting with Armando on the dock. Rebe beats Armando on his girlfriend and the two run away. In his drunken state, Ari approaches Armando and tells him that his father is going to ruin his life. Armando strikes Ari in retaliation but is stopped by Guzmán. Ari tells Guzmán to run after Armando to stop him and is lying on the platform when he leaves. Confused by the fireworks, the beatings, and the amount of alcohol consumed, she falls into the water when she gets up. She takes a long time to be found, which is why she is on the verge of death.

Meanwhile, Guzmán catches up with Armando in the boathouse and is passed by the older man. However, Guzmán takes a distress pistol and fires, hitting Armando in the chest. He died instantly. Rather than telling the police what happened, Rebe and Samu help him hide the body. Weighing him down with rocks, they throw him into the lake, and the image is reminiscent of the Season 1 murder weapon thrown into the water.

All season it looked like there wouldn't be a corpse - but it's not Elite without at least one major crime being covered. The season ends with Guzmán going on a trip with his best friend Ander, but nothing remains buried forever in the Netflix series. Additionally, Mencía tells her father everything he knows about Armando, and his outburst of violence suggests that this will continue to have ramifications.

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