The podcasts will be available from next week on the social network Facebook. The way is now open to creators of impatient content.

Facebook: podcasts will arrive next week

Finally, Facebook will offer Podcasts on its social network. They will be available from next week. The content creators have already received an email from the American firm indicating a launch date of June 22.

Podcasts will be available on Facebook

Last April, the American giant announced the arrival of Podcasts on its social network. It is finally confirmed, Facebook confirms the information and at the same time, confirms that the podcasts will be available from June 22.

“By adding your podcasts to your page, users will be able to listen to each episode directly on Facebook. There is no need to download or link to anything. Your page will be updated with your latest episodes as they become available. You can also remove or delete your podcast at any time, ”read an email retrieved by The Verge.

To serve podcasts on their page, content creators must agree to the terms of service. The usage limits are pretty standard, but Facebook says it could "create derivative works."

The "clips" to promote podcasts

To help content creators further promote their Podcasts, Facebook provides them with a feature called "Clips". This is a very short audio format that contains an excerpt from the show and is easily shared by the podcast on the News Feed. By the way, this format is also available on Twitch and it has proven its worth.

As a reminder, Fiji Simo, the boss of Spotify, has already explained that "more than 170 million people are already connected to hundreds of thousands of podcast pages from Facebook". Until now, users have to leave Facebook to listen to their favorite podcasts. In the next few days, they can listen to them on the Facebook app.

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