Fossil, the famous company that makes sublime smartwatches, plans to release a new smartwatch by fall 2021 under Wear OS.

Fossil Gen 6: a new connected watch equipped with Google's Wear OS

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the famous manufacturer of connected watches, Fossil has not twiddled his thumbs. According to media Cnet, the manufacturer could release a new connected watch for the fall of 2021. The latter would be equipped with Wear OS, Google's operating system for connected watches.

The sixth generation of the connected watch made by Fossil

Fossil is truly one of the best-established brands in France and the rest of the world. The famous American brand has made excellent smartwatches as well as other more sober ones like the Collider HR which is halfway between a classic and connected watch. These are very popular and keep a chic style while having the functionality of a connected watch like the Fossil Gen 5.

The Fossil company told Cnet that the Fossil Gen 6, their next premium smartwatch - if that's the name - will have better battery life, better performance as well as new features. The company's other brands like Diesel are also reportedly planning to make a connected watch.

For their part, Fossil will partner with Google to optimize their next smartwatch. Additionally, Greg McKelvey, the brand's chief commercial officer told Cnet that "All of the software benefits that Google is talking about and is launching with the unified platform are something that we will also be incorporating." The Fossil Gen 6 could truly be the brand's ultimate smartwatch, especially since it is 30% faster than its big sisters.

Almost non-existent design changes

The Fossil Gen 6 could use the same formats as the brand's other connected watches. However, according to comments made by Cnet, the manufacturer could align the price of the Fossil Gen 6 with that of the Apple Watch Series 6. It will be necessary to wait a few more months before seeing several images of the future premium connected watch of the brand.

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