Long-awaited by people who own an iPhone, Google Fi VPN, which was previously exclusive to Android users, is finally available to iOS users.

Google Fi VPN is now available on iPhone

Finally, Google Fi VPN is available on iPhones. Ubergizmo news outlet reports that those who use an Apple smartphone can take advantage of the Mountain View firm's free VPN offer. Note that the deployment has not yet been completed.

iPhone users will have access to Google Fi VPN

Finally, iPhone users can take advantage of Google's free VPN on their smartphones. This is news that will appeal to a lot of people.

Users can use Fi on their iPhones without needing to choose another paid solution. Note that Google VPN is carefully designed by professionals to protect user information.

According to Google, the integration of VPN into iPhones will be done this spring. Admittedly, the Mountain View firm took a long time to integrate its VPN into iPhones, but the big day has finally arrived.

Improved security

The user's Fi number will be linked to their Google account. It is also equipped with several security features intended to protect the phone number against possible threats against SIM swapping. The latter allows malicious people to take a phone number and assign it to another SIM card without the consent of its owner.

“By default, you have extra degrees of protection on Fi, including as a rigorous account recovery procedure and suspicious activity warnings. You can also enable two-step verification for more protection »

As a reminder, the VPN allows the user to encrypt their data online. Thus, malicious people will find it extremely difficult to spy on its online activities. And the icing on the cake, the American giant's tool is free.

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